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My Child Brags to his Friends

My Child Brags to his Friends

Hy moms how are you and how your child behavior is now. Because some children brag to their friends than what should you do here I will tell you about a mother personal experience that why her child brags to his buddies.

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My Child Brags to his Friends

She says that My 8-year-old son, Zac, continually explain long stories about himself. He tells his friends that he has a black belt in karate, when in actuality he hasn’t done martial arts since he was 5. Or he’ll boast about what a brilliant guitar performer he is when in actuality he’s never had lessons.

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I have even overheard him boasting to buddies about – of all things – how big his cousins are. I’m concerned he’ll lose friends over this.

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What we’ve tried:

  • Pointing out the boast and its inaccuracy
  • Telling him his friends won’t trust him

Where we stand: He carry on to twist the truth, and I get embarrassed when I listen to it.

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The experts respond

Empathize, don’t criticize: It looks like Zac has a little sense of self. So instead of condemning him for stretching the truth, try understanding him.

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Say, “A black belt in karate. That’s a great goal. Would you like to make that come true?”

Or, “A guitarist is a beautiful thing to want to be. How could we make that happen?”

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Make a good relation with your son before his behavior right and reasonable, and keep away from blaming or shaming, which will only make him feel inferior.

Wait it out: It may take losing a friendship over boasting before he “gets it.” It might be difficult for you to listen to, but some children have to learn things the hard way.

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Boost his self-esteem: It’s usual to want to feel capable, significant, and respected. It may be that Zac is having complexity with his peers and want to impress them with this way.

As a mother focus those things which he does well to increase his self-confidence. Be sure and show him that you love him a lot, even if he isn’t a master at karate.

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