Hy moms how are you and how your child behavior is now. Because some children brag to their friends than what should you do here I will tell you about a mother personal experience that why her child brags to his buddies.

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My Child Brags to his Friends

She says that My 8-year-old son, Zac, continually explain long stories about himself. He tells his friends that he has a black belt in karate, when in actuality he hasn’t done martial arts since he was 5. Or he’ll boast about what a brilliant guitar performer he is when in actuality he’s never had lessons.

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I have even overheard him boasting to buddies about – of all things – how big his cousins are. I’m concerned he’ll lose friends over this.

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What we’ve tried:

  • Pointing out the boast and its inaccuracy
  • Telling him his friends won’t trust him

Where we stand: He carry on to twist the truth, and I get embarrassed when I listen to it.

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The experts respond

Empathize, don’t criticize: It looks like Zac has a little sense of self. So instead of condemning him for stretching the truth, try understanding him.

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Say, “A black belt in karate. That’s a great goal. Would you like to make that come true?”

Or, “A guitarist is a beautiful thing to want to be. How could we make that happen?”

Make a good relation with your son before his behavior right and reasonable, and keep away from blaming or shaming, which will only make him feel inferior.

Wait it out: It may take losing a friendship over boasting before he “gets it.” It might be difficult for you to listen to, but some children have to learn things the hard way.

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Boost his self-esteem: It’s usual to want to feel capable, significant, and respected. It may be that Zac is having complexity with his peers and want to impress them with this way.

As a mother focus those things which he does well to increase his self-confidence. Be sure and show him that you love him a lot, even if he isn’t a master at karate.

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