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Most Expensive Houses

Most Expensive Houses

Most Expensive Houses

Franchuk Villa House

Throughout the history human always try for better, in their early life humans live in the jungle and their lives were very simple. As humans became conscious, they find new lifestyle and new ways of living life. They build houses and start their life under in it. As time went by they started making vast and significant than larger houses. Finally, they created houses which are top luxurious / expensive houses in the world. Here is the list of top luxurious and most expensive houses in the world, see how beautiful and awesome are these houses which owned by world’s richest celebrities and businessmen.

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#1 – Antilla, Mumbai – Net Worth $1 Billion

Antilla Mansion

Antilla is the world one of the most expensive and luxurious on the planet; it is located Mumbai city of India, and the owner of this home is Mukesh Ambani. Mukesh Ambani is the 5th richest man in the world and head of the petrochemical giant Reliance Industries in India, its estimated worth in the region of $43 billion. It is the 27-storey house is a massive 400,000 square-feet and 600 people do work for the residence maintains, and it is called modern Taj Mahal.

It features several floors of bedrooms and bathrooms, four floors garden, six levels of parking 168 cars are park at a time, a ballroom level, a 2-storey recreation center, a health level, an ice room and a gym. It also restrains three helipads on the roof and its each room highly design-based the on Indian tradition which is conducive to the movement of positive energy.

#2 – Villa Leopolda, French Riviera – Net Worth $736 Million

Villa Leopold Mansion

The 27-storey “Villa Leopolda” owned by the basketball team owner named Mikhail Prokhorov in French Riviera. The name of this Villa takes from King Leopold, who built it in 1902 for his wife mistress Blanche Zelia Josephine Delacroix. Today’s it is believed in the most expensive and luxurious house of Europe state. It is massive 80,000 sq.fts estate and divided it into two guest houses on the 20 acres ground. The most beautiful place in this villa is the private beach front in the southern part of France. It has 14 bathrooms, 11 bedrooms and vast gardens and much more.

Villa Leopold Inner

#3 – The Penthouse in London – Net Worth $200 Million

Penthouse London

Penthouse is the most expensive mansion of the London estate. It is the residence that is 6000 pounds per square feet and it has surprised much real estate, located in Hyde Park in London. Penthouse includes an imposing entrance hall, a study hall, an expanse of living space and an oval 10-setter dining room and much more.

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Penthouse London Inner

#4 – Fairfield Pond, New York, USA – Net Worth $198 Million

Fairfield Pond Mansion

Fairfield Pond owned by a businessman named Ira Leon Rennert, it is massive 66,000 square feet, dubbed Fairfield. He called his mansion after the adjacent body of water, Fairfield Pond. It is the largest apartment in the USA estate includes 39 bathrooms, 29 bedrooms, basketball court, tennis and squash courts, 29 bedrooms and a $150,000 hot tub.

#5 – Hearst Mansion, San Simeon, California, USA – Net Worth $165 Million

Hearst Mansion Inner

Hearst mansion is located on the central coast of California USA. William Randolph was a USA newspaper icon was constructed it after that 1976 a lawyer Leonard Ross bought it. This residence is a stretch on the 6 hectares of land in the Beverly Hills. This 29 bedrooms mansion contains three swimming pools, a movie theater, a disco and much more. Prior President John F Kennedy spends his honeymoon in this luxurious house, and it was also used as the backdrop for the entire time classic movie ‘The Godfather’.

Hearst Mansion

#6 – Franchuk Villa, London England – Net Worth $161 Million

Franchuk Villa Mansion

A Ukrainian businesswoman was the owner of this most expensive luxurious mansion was named Elena Franchuk. This Ukrainian estate includes ten bedrooms, panic room, a movie theater, gym and underground indoor pool. In our list, it is the 6th most expensive house in the world, but it is the best and one of the most luxurious expensive mansion in London England.

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#7 – The Pinnacle, London, UK – Net Worth $155 Million

Pinnacle Mansion

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The Pinnacle mansion owners were the owners of Yellowstone Club, Edna Blixseth, and Tim, it is an ultimate winter retreat include ten bedrooms, heated floors, and a large cellar of wine, swimming pools, hot tub and fireplaces in the entire bathroom.

#8 – The Manor, Los Angeles, California – Net Worth $150 Million

The Manor Mansion

The Manor mansion is also famous as “Spelling Manor”, owned by a well-known Hollywood TV producer Aaron Spelling. It is constructing in a chateau-style house, and it is the 2nd larger home in the California which is laid in the world most expensive, luxurious rooms. In 1991, it was constructed, is spread 4.6 hectares land and has 123 rooms including 11 bedrooms and 16 bathrooms, a barber shop, gift wrapping room, bowling alley, beauty parlor, theater, a tennis court, spa and a wine cellar with tasting room and more than 100 cars parking spaces.

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The Manor Inner

#9 – Updown Court, England – Net Worth $139 Million

Updown Court Mansion

Updown Court a California-style mansion located in the village of Windlesham in Surrey, England. It is covered 58 acres land with 103 total rooms, and all the luxurious amenities are available in this house.

Updown Court Inner

#10 – Dracula’s Castle, Romania – Net Worth $ 135 Million

Draculas Mansion

Dracula’s Castle was built in the late 14th century; in the 1980s, it became a museum and constructed by Vlad the Impaler. Commonly it is famous as the house of character Dracula and in 2009, it came on the market. It is a very different house as compared to other all houses. It has total 57 rooms including 17 bedrooms with antique and classical furniture.

Draculas Mansion Inner

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