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Most Expensive Engagement Rings in the World

Most Expensive Engagement Rings in the World

Most Expensive Engagement Rings in the World

Princess Diana Engagement Ring

Wearing many Pisces of jewelry plays a significant role in expanded the grace and beauty of the woman. If traditional and expensive jewelry or accessories that women wear then they looking too much fabulous. Diamond is one of the pieces that are most valuable, beautiful and magnificent you can see in your life. There are lots of rich people who use this precious jewelry in different styles; here you should have the look at the most expensive engagement rings in the world.

Engagement Ring is that jewelry piece, every woman is appreciated it come in a different size, shape, price and style in the world. The richest people or celebrities and royal couples always have the largest, most expensive engagement rings available. So let’s take the look at the top most expensive engagement rings in the world and which and when they come.

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10# Princess Diana – Cost $137,200

Princess Diana Ring

Princess Diana got this engagement ring from Princes Charles of Wales in 1981, at that time this ring fringed by 14 tiny diamonds and blue 18 –carat sapphire diamond — it’s cost around $45,000 now its cost is $137,200 and priceless and among the most precious famous engagement rings ever.

9# Anna Kournikova – Cost $2.5 Million

Anna Kournikova Ring

Anna Kournikova got this expensive and beautiful engagement ring with making 11-carat centered pear cut pink diamond and trillion stone on each side from Enrique Iglesias, Fiancé. Its current price is 2.5 Million Dollars.

8# Catherine Zeta-Jones – Cost $2.5 Million

Catherine Zeta Jones Ring

Catherine Zeta-Jones engagement ring was made of a 10-carat – marquise shaped diamond that was set horizontally and surrounded by 28 smaller diamonds – has a vintage look due to the horizontal diamond setting.

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7# Jacqueline – Cost $2.6 Million

Jacqueline Ring

Jacqueline got this particular engagement ring from Aristotle Onassis, which she wore only twice. Mostly life of this ring spent in a bank looked vault, which is a terrible shame – with 40.42 karat Lesotho III diamond and it’s current price is 2.6 million dollars.

6# Melania Knauss – Cost $3 Million

Melania Knauss Ring

Donald Trump was made this beautiful, and precious 15 karat emerald cut diamond engagement ring – set in a platinum basket and surrounded by a leaf design for Melania Knauss.

5# Jennifer Lopez – Cost $4 Million

Jennifer Lopez Ring

About Marc Anthony said that he doesn’t know only the men’s wear, he also has knowledge what woman likes – and also he knows how to pick a gorgeous engagement ring. He buys an engagement ring which design by Neil Lane with 8.5 karats blue diamond. This ring is a most precious ring in his jewelry collection even she is the married lady.

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4# Grace Kelly – Cost $4.06 Million

Grace Kelly Ring

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This expensive diamond ring was the well-known Cartier 10.47 karat bright green cut center, edged by two beautiful diamond baguettes and Grace Kelly got this ring from Prince Rainier on his engagement day – he buy it from Cartier, now it is included the most expensive ring in the world category.

3# Paris Hilton – Cost $4.7 Million

Paris Hilton Ring

Paris Hilton got it from her ex-fiancé Paris Latsis, she said it was so big, and it hurt her finger when she wears it. It was made out of 24 – carat white Gold and attributed a rectangular diamond in the hub between two triangular baguettes. After the broke up, she auctioned the ring to help hunts of Katrina and currently its price is 4.7 million Dollars.

2# Beyonce – Cost $5 Million

Beyonce Ring

Jeweler Lorraine Schwartz designed Beyonce engagement ring with 18 carats entire octagon cut diamond set is a split platinum base, and she got it from her husband, Jay-Z. The quality of this rock is so excellent that it has been licensed as an exceptional, premium stone.

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1# Elizabeth Taylor – Cost $8.8 Million

Elizabeth Taylor Ring

Most expensive engagement ring reward goes to the Elizabeth Taylor ring; Richard Burton gave it – the ring made with 33.19 carats IIa certified rare diamond, and it is chemically pure and has high clarity. The diamond which is used is an Asscher – cut and has a large culet facet. After her death, this ring was auctioned off and purchased by an Asian collector.

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