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Most Beautiful Places of the World

Most Beautiful Places of the World

Most Beautiful Places

Sometimes you want to change in your life and want to go any beautiful and mind blowing place with your family members to refresh your mind. Or you want to plan your honeymoon and searching a new, beautiful and mind-blowing place to make these moments more beautiful and memorable. Or you want to spend your holidays in a calm place, and then I will tell you about some beautiful places of the world. The people who love traveling, then I will guide them in a right way, this article is very useful for them. You will know how Allah has created this world so beautiful and fanatics.

Let we discuss the most beautiful places in the world. I hope this article will change your traveling plan.

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The Red Beach China

A Beautiful View The Red Beach China

The red beach of China is breathtaking, fanatics and heart touching the place of the world. This beach locates in Panjin that is related to Beijing city. The beach is a marshy area near Liao River. It is the biggest muddy of the world.

The beach is not red actually, but the weeds that grow in the beach are red. The plants start growing during April and May and remain green throughout the summer season and turn into red color in autumn season.

If you want to visit Red beach, then timing is vital. You can visit anytime but in fall season during August and September, it is the best time to visit because the entire weed turns into red and beauty of beach increase too much.

The Government of China has protected the beauty of the red beach for many years. The red beach is also called “The Home of Crane” because there are 299 kinds of different birds and wild animals. They also increase the beauty of the beach.

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How to Reach Red beach-China

The Red Beach China

The nearest city that along with Panjin city is Beijing. If you are in Beijing, then you should use the train to reach your goal. It will take 5 to 6 hour depending on the train that you choose. You can also travel on the bus that is not so good.

If you ever visit China, then your experiment will be incredible, memorable and fanatics. You will share you experience with us.

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Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

A Ship in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Victoria fall is the incredible piece of beauty and romantic place. You can say it is not the piece of earth but the piece of heaven.

The location of Victoria fall is between the Zambia and the north side of Zimbabwe near the river of the Zambezi in South Africa. The fall divide in two national parks Mosi-oa-Tunya national park in Zambia and the second is Victoria Falls national park in Zimbabwe. The height of this beautiful place is 355 feet and occupies around 1 mile.

The most romantic thing about Victoria fall is that the waterfall generate an enormous amount of fog that moves 1000 feet into the sky, and you can see anybody from 30 miles away. Traditionally it calls “Mosi-oa-Tunya” that means “Thundering Smoke.” A famous tour David Living stone name it Victoria falls. You can visit this place anytime but the best time of visiting this romantic place is in the rainy season.

How to Victoria Fall

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe Best View

If you are in newbie or South Africa, then there are many good ways to reach the Victoria fall. Regular flights are scheduled to arrive on Victoria fall. Different trains also use to reach Victoria fall on different departure timing. You can also use the bus to reach your desired locations.

If you are staying in Zambia, then should hire a taxi and reach your desired place, but if you are staying in Zimbabwe, then you don’t need any transport. Just go to your desired location by walking.

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Where to Stay

Victoria fall hotel is the famous hotel for a stay in Zambian side. Many another type of hotel is also available in the discount rate on both sides of Victoria fall.

Activates on Victoria Fall

A Girl at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

There are lots of activates to do at Victoria Falls likes

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  • Fishing
  • 111-meter high bungee jump
  • Gorge swing
  • Microlight flight of angles
  • River suffering
  • Elephant ride
  • Lion walk
  • White water rafting
  • Helicopter sightseeing trips
  • Enjoying on a train that crosses the bridge with snakes and drinks.
  • Devils Pool
  • Camping safari

In fact, there are many activates that make your moment more enjoyable and extraordinary.

Fairy pools Isle of Skye Scotland

Fairy pools isle of skye Scotland

The location of fairy pool is two miles far from the Glent brittle beach. There is also a Glent fragile forest. There are natural calm and relief and no any public transport. There are lots of beautiful piece of nature like purple tree and flower that cover all the mountain, clear visible water, the beautiful waterfall, mind-blowing peaks.

If you want to enjoy this beautiful place, then you should walk around the pool with your partner or family members. The best time to visit this place is after the rain when the water level increase and clouds cover.

Where to Stay

Fairy Pools Isle of Skye Scotland Cool Water

There are lots of hotels, and guest houses are available to visit. Discounts and packages are available for the customer. You can enjoy easily by selecting a hotel according to your budget. The Bosville Hotel, Royal Hotel, The Broadford Hotel, The Dunollie Hotel are some famous hotel near the fairy poor. You can enjoy more if you plan your honeymoon hare.

Machu Picchu

A Cloudy View of Machu Picchu

Macho Picchu is a lost city that was discovered by Bingham in 1913. Macho Picchu is mistrial place, and the citizen of Macho Picchu think that it is a great creation of God. It is a very spiritual place where everything is unimaginable. It is the most beautiful and famous archaeological site of the world due to its beautiful mountain and location.

The city designed in such a beautiful and heart touching way that now with the progress of science the builder cannot understand that how this city build. The outer and inner wall build by the use of limestone, the wood used for door and frames and straw was use for the ceiling. In short, you can say that it is a beautiful piece of art and creation.

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Where to Stay

Machu Picchu Town

Many types of the hotel are available at Macho Picchu to stay like Hotel Royal Qosqo, Sumaq Macho Picchu Hotel, Hotel Sol and many others. You can select to spend your night according to your budget and requirements. I hope you will enjoy my little effort share your experience if you ever visit these beautiful place.

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