More debris but no word on fate of ship lost off the Bahamas

NASSAU, Bahamas (AP) — The seek for a U.S. cargo ship that was lost during Hurricane Joaquin off the southeastern Bahamas turned up more hints Sunday but no word yet on the fate of the vessel or its 33-member crew.

Aircraft and ships were taking part in the search located a container that appears to have come from the 790-foot El Faro, according to the owner of the vessel, while the Coast Guard said it has found a debris field that includes what appear to be pieces of a container. They also spotted oil sheen in the sea.

The newest finds follow the discovery of an orange life ring that was confirmed to have come from the El Faro a day earlier. Chief Petty Officer Bobby Nash said it was premature to reach any conclusion.

Chief Petty Officer Bobby Nash said it was too early to come to any conclusion.

“We still don’t have communication with the ship, and we don’t even know if the debris field is from the vessel,” said Nash, a Coast Guard spokesman.

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