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Mind-blowing Ways to make your Boyfriend Feel Special on Valentine’s Day

Mind-blowing Ways to make your Boyfriend Feel Special on Valentine’s Day

Trust me; your guy might not have had faint dreams of being wined and dined by your girlfriend, but that doesn’t refrain your girlfriend from buying Valentine’s Day gift for boyfriend. In a relationship he is as important as you are but why it is your boyfriend’s responsibility to look for a gift for you. Surprise your boyfriend with something more thoughtful which is definitely won’t cost you a bomb. So, we thought of coming up with out of the box valentine’s day gift ideas.

Love is an Art

Love is an Art

Get down to do something artistic after all love is one of the most beautiful art ones can have in their life. You can gift your boyfriend some colors, paint brush and canvas which has always been his favorite hobby but he has been ignoring it for quite some time. Each of you can pick up your paint brush and paint something entirely abstract which can be hanged on the wall that he has in his rooms. It will be a constant reminder to him about the time that you had spent with her.

Dazzle Him With Some Great Photos

Having a lovely dinner with a glass of his favorite wine is all just fine but how about gifting something personalized for your boyfriend? You can shop for a personalized bottle lamp, coffee mug and even soft cushions which can be given as Valentine’s gifts for Boyfriend. Complement these gifts with beautiful flowers on the occasion.

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Experiential Gift Turns Out to be The Best

proposing at valentine's day

Give him an experience which he is going to remember for a lifetime. How about taking him for an adventurous trip to a place that he had always wished to go? A place like that of Rishikesh or Jim Corbett will be great. It will allow him to pump up his adrenaline rush and take your Valentine celebration to the next level. A lavish dinner somewhere out from the city will let you have some fond memories which can be treasured long after the occasion is gone.

Picture Postcard Trail

How about getting all your favorite memories imprinted on a postcard trail and to make the occasion even more special you can also pin down what makes the memory so special. Let the postcard trail reach him to the dining room where the two of you will be having a glass of champagne along followed by a delightful dinner.

Personalized Video

Valentine's Day

Not every man will speak out aloud that they love to have meaningful gifts, but deep down when they are in their introspective mood, they do realize the efforts that you have put in to make the occasion special for him. You can make a personalized video which is going to be the great gift. The video can comprise of shots which you can enjoy with your boyfriend.

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Leaving Love Notes inside the Car

A heart shaped sticky notes inside the car which quite beautifully expresses the love that you have always had for your boyfriend. You can pen down some lovely message which can be stuck at the back of the windshield.

Plan Your First Date Again

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How about planning your first date together. Behave as if you are meeting again for the very first time. See each other the same way as you had seen each other some months ago. Try to be a little shy, talkative and joke around asking the same questions which you had asked on his first date. It is going to spark up your romance and will make you feel special.

Plan a Romantic Day

Spicing up your life when you are married is all the more essential, especially for your husband. How about decorating your bedroom with rose petals and scented candles so that it can act as a lovely surprise when he is back home from a hectic day at work. Trust me; he is going to remember till the end of the time.

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The Magic of Love Envelopes

Buy envelopes of different sizes and put one envelope inside the other. And make sure that you hide the love letter in the smallest of an envelope to ensure that he has to open all the envelopes to be able to reach to your special love letter. See his excitement growing with every envelope that he opens and trust me.

Chocolate Love Notes


Your Boyfriend has always loved to relish chocolates like Ferrero Rocher, Toblerone, Snickers and other mouth-watery chocolate gift baskets and hampers which is sure to make him feel special. Chocolates will make amazing Valentine gift for your boyfriend and will let him relish till the end of the day.

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