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Mercedes F 015 Luxury in Motion Review – Powered Car of the Future

Mercedes F 015 Luxury in Motion Review – Powered Car of the Future

Mercedes-Benz F015

Mercedes-Benz show

The new autonomous concept from Mercedes-Benz offers you a compelling view of a self-driving in future, but how real is that in your future and do we want it in your life? Is it a God-playing fantasy, or just a Scaletrix complex that fuels the dream of the self-driving car? The mechanical automatons in Greek and ancient China, to Da Vinci’s in the 15th-century robot, the man who create its decision thrilled the idea of an inner-directed machine.

Powered by the two rear-mounted electric motors with a total output of 272 horsepower the rear-wheel-drive and Mercedes f 015 luxury is said to sprint to 60 mph in 6.7 seconds, while top speed is up to 125 mph. The electricity is produced using a hydrogen fuel cell; a high-voltage battery can also provide short bursts of additional power.

The body of Mercedes f 015 luxury’s motion structure use high-strength steel, aluminum and composite materials—including carbon fiber. Its “monolithic” shape a blurred division between the windows and the body. The main features are four lounge chairs, which can swivel around; the surroundings are very sensual beauty and an exercise of futurism, lined with wood and clad in leather, glass trim, and metal. With a plethora of radar sensors and stereo cameras, the car always monitors its surroundings, and it is fully able of driving without any human effort. If desired, however, the driver can take control at any point.

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Mercedes f 015 luxury Shared space in future world

Mercedes-BenzTo provide a foundation for the new autonomous Mercedes f 015 Luxury in Motion review vehicle, the team of experts from Mercedes-Benz has devised a future situation that incorporates many dissimilar aspects of daily mobility. Above the mobility function, this scenario perceives the car as a private retreat which also offers a substantial extra value for society at large

Acoustic and Visual signals for greater safety

Mercedes-Benz greater safety

The Mercedes F 015 Luxury Vehicle in Motion also communicates with its surroundings both acoustically and visually. Large LED displays at the front and rear side as well as a laser projection system embedded in it with a directed toward the front, are responsible for the visual part, while the acoustic communication consist of both specific and sounds spoken instructions.

A Lounge Providing a Maximum Comfort

longue Mercedes-Benz

Sensual, flowing transitions and warm are organic materials such as open walnut wood, which has been shaped to extremely soft ice-white Nappa leather and 3-D veneer contrast with clearly-defined glass and metal surfaces with a technical and cool feeling. The transitions between synthetic, organic and metal materials have been designed using the matrix graphics and the flowing transitions deliver the unparalleled and new feeling of abundant space. The light-colored wood is also used for the floor,

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The Interior Designing as a Digital Living Space

Mercedes-Benz 015

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One important theme of the innovative interior designing is a continuous exchange of information between passengers, vehicle, and the outside the world. Six displays are installed to this end all about, attractively mounted in the instrument panel and the side and rear walls, making the interior of the F 015 Luxury in a digital living space – the best symbiosis of the real and the virtual world. Passengers can cooperate intuitively with the related vehicle using by touching the high-resolution screens or gestures.

Expressive Forerunner of a Mobility Revolution

Mercedes-Benz revolution

The research vehicle of Mercedes-Benz F-015 Luxury in Motion was build, a vehicle which raises luxury and comfort to a new stage by offering a most of the space and a lounge inside it. Every aspect of the F 015 Luxury in Motion is the extreme reflection of the Mercedes way of interpreting the terms “Present luxury”, intelligence and emotion.

1,000 kilometers of zero-emission driving

speed of Mercedes-Benz

The electric hybrid system has a total range of 1,000 kilometers, plus around 200 kilometers of powered-battery driving and 900 kilometers on the electricity taking from the fuel cell. This enables the Mercedes f 015 luxury to cover the distances similar to those of an equivalent diesel engine car, but it’s purely on electric power with zero emissions driving.

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