Meet a live human Barbie

Her name is Amber Guzman people called her human Barbie. She belongs to London,  she looks just like a Barbie doll, though beautiful and cute she is the victim of muscular dystrophy, in this disease human muscles just shrink, and the body becomes fragile and smart though feeble. Amber is a victim of this illness she cannot eat food because of it, and it is the reason of her smartness.

But she is happy because she is well liked in social media everyone likes her look, she moves just like a doll she feels triumphal when somebody compares her with a doll. When she was 18, she met with her husband. She becomes the victim of this disease after marriage.she says that when she go out somewhere, people call him “dolly girl”, and she feels so happy that time.

Now she is very famous in social media, and she has a lot of followers, one advises which she want to tell her viewers is that no problem how dangerous your disease is just live your life happily and carry on.

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