Medical laboratories, often called clinical laboratories, are a particular type of labs where tests are performed on clinical specimens in a bid to gather information about the current condition of patients. In other words, these facilities can help healthcare professionals determine the right diagnosis, treatment and preventive measures of different diseases and disorders. Medical labs are used by specialists in various fields of medicine including pathology, hematology, virology, microbiology, cytopathology and parasitology. All these tests are made with the help of a wide range of medical lab equipment.

Some of the things that are commonly found in modern medical labs include microscopes, kymographs, colorimeters, ultracentrifuge, Bunsen burner, electrophoresis apparatus, and chromatography. All these pieces of lab equipment are used for different reasons. However, this equipment has the certain life expectancy and after this period, it should be replaced with new one. This is quite logical because the new equipment will provide more precise results and it will be completely safe for use. Also, it is not unusual for medical lab equipment to get broken and in many cases repairing this equipment is not logical because it simply costs too much.

Medical Lab Equipment

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Whenever some medical laboratory decides to purchase new lab equipment, there is one question that pops out – what should they do with the old equipment. This is a legitimate question because as you are probably aware, some of these pieces of equipment can endanger the environment. Namely, they are not an ordinary waste that can be left in the nearest bin. If some of the devices and machines we have mentioned before reaches a landfill it will start deteriorating and the chemicals and dangerous elements found it would be leaked. It is very easy for these elements to enter the atmosphere or to contaminate the water and soil. This is the reason why the authorities have banned lab equipment disposal in this way.

Medical Lab Equipment is Necessary to be Recycled at Proper Time, and now you know why. When this equipment becomes obsolete, it is the best idea to start looking for a recycling company that has experience in this field. These professionals can help you solve this issue in the right way. Proper medical equipment recycling is the best solution for all kind of environmental issues.

Recycled Medical Lab Equipment

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For starters, they will come at your facility at the right time (the time you’ve agreed). They send their experienced team members that can evaluate the size of the waste and after that, they will load it in their truck, specially adjusted for this type of work. After that, they will deliver the lab equipment waste in the recycling facility where the qualified workers will analyze and disassemble the devices on tiny parts. The valuable parts like the ones that are made of silver, gold copper or platinum will be sent to manufacturers that can use them in the production of new products right away. The rest of the materials and elements (the toxic and potentially dangerous ones) will be stored in an adequate way.