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Man has Largest Feet In The World Wears Size 26

Man has Largest Feet In The World Wears Size 26

Well, this is very exciting news about a man who has very long feet and he has made the world record for having largest feet in the world.

Man has Largest Feet In The World

Jason Orlando Rodriguez Hernandez of Venezuela has made the world record of 2016 for having world’s most enormous feet, and his foot is about 1 foot, 4 inches. You have to believe it he wears a 26 shoe size.

When he came to know, he has largest feet?

It was his ninth birthday when Hernandez revealed that his feet were longest than his other friends.
He has the longest feet than even Sultan Kosen, the world’s’ tallest living man (a mere size 24), Hernandez has to order mainly his shoes from Germany to get the right fitting.

Next time your friend boasts about his large feet, show him this.

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My point of view

It is such a very shocking news and also fascinating for us.The man has largest feet of the world he has made Guinness world record.He is entertaining all of us, and we are enjoying this fantastic news. Share this news with your friends to consider them.

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