How to Make Russian Fruit Salad

Mixed Vegetables Russian Salad

Let’s talk about salad, and mostly people like to eat salad on daily bases to remain fit and fresh. There are different types of salads are available with the mixture of the various vegetables and fruits, all have equal importance, the fundamental purpose for salad is to provide nutrition and necessary vitamins to body and skin, it contains glowing effects to your skin. You can combine different vegetables and fruits to remain a healthy and tasty salad. You can study about facts of vegetables and facts of fruit to get more knowledge which fruit and vegetable best for your skin and body.

Introduction of Russian Fruit Salad

Russian Salad is a Russian dish called “Olivier Salad.” “Moscovian Salad” and it is a traditional dish of Russian Cuisine. It the in the 1860s by Belgian Lucien Oliver; he was the chief of Hermitage restaurant that is the famous restaurant of Moscow, this dish imminently becomes an important meal and become very famous in Russia and this recipe become the restaurant signature dish. It is also popular in many other European countries like America, Canada, Israel and the United Kingdom and also very popular in Asian countries like Pakistan India and Bangladesh, etc. which are available in sweets with different fruits and vegetables.

In Russia and other post-Soviet states, this salad is an important part of new year dinner table; it is the main dish on their table. Many people use their ways to prepare Russian salad, but I’ve tried something new, and I want to share it with you.

Russian Vinaigrette Salad

Benefits of Russian Salad

Due to its ingredients, I can prepare a list of all benefits, but I think it benefits is endless, so let’s move to some of its primary advantages. You can mix fruit with different beans or try three bean salad.

1. Peas

Peas for Russian Salad


Peas a Russian to the high level of protein, vitamins, fiber and minerals, in peas, there is a little bit of sugar, that is helpful to fulfill the need of sugar in the body.

2. Carrots

Carrots for Russian Salad

As you know, carrots are rich in vitamins E and D that is paramount for eyes and skin; Doctors suggest to eat carrots in every day to keep fresh and healthy.

3. Eggs

Eggs for Russian Salad

We can say eggs are a bundle of protein that is essentials for human body skin and hair; eggs provide vitamins A, E, D, and B+.

4. Cucumbers

Cucumber for Russian Salad

Cucumbers are rich in vitamins B and B+. As you know cucumber contains 95% water, it helpful to keep the human body hydrated and helped to reduce toxins.

5. Cabbage

Cabbage for Russian Salad

Cabbage contain 70% water and contain vitamin D and E.

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6. Olive Oil

Olive Oil for Russian Salad

Olive Oil contains vitamins A and B, Olive Oil provides you a glow and make your skin more smooth and shine. It also reduces anti-toxin in your body.


Mixed Vegetables Russian Salad

Here is the list of Ingredients to prepare Russian Salad.

  • Carrot (2 Full)
  • Potato (3 Full)
  • Peas, Shelled and boiled – 1/4 cup
  • Small cabbage, shredded – 1/3
  • Slice Pineapple, chopped – 2
  • Lettuce Leaves shredded – 5
  • Eggs – 3
  • Potatoes – 2
  • Mayonnaise
  • Salt and Pepper to taste

You can add anything else which you want to add for make it tastier as you like. Here is the best recipe for russian salad.


Mixed Fruits and Vegetables with Eggs Russian Salad

  • Chop the fresh carrot and potato into cubes, and then take a pan and add 4 cups of water add some salt and boiled all vegetables until they cooked properly.
  • Drain then and cool, and take a cup and make mayonnaise sauce, then mix the cooked and crisp vegetables and add chopped pineapples, now mix them all with mayonnaise and vegetables.
  • Now Boil three eggs and cool it, and peel them off cut them into small pieces and what you like and add them to that mixture. Chill it before serving and decorate it as you like, for example, you can put some crushed black olives, etc.
  • If you like to add some boiled potatoes, you can add them.

Summary of Russian Fruit Salad

Russian salad is a traditional dish of Russia, but we also love it, and I eat it with spoons because I like this dish. It’s very healthy and easily made dish; mostly people like it. It has a bundle of abundant proteins and vitamins. I hope you’ll like this article and find helpful information of Russian Salad.

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