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Magical Christmas Cake Recipes

Magical Christmas Cake Recipes

Here are best Christmas cake recipes for you hope you will like it comment below and give feedback about these recipes.

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Pleated Shimmer Christmas cake

Amaze your guests over the festive season by decorating your fruit cake with a modern Christmas design.


  • 20cm (8in) round fruit cake -like this cranberry and orange fruit cake
  • 4-6 level tablespoons apricot glaze or sieved apricot jam
  • 750g (1½lb) white marzipan
  • 1kg packet white sugar paste
  • Pearl Luster Spray (e.g., PME)
  • Edible gold stars
  • 23cm (11in) round, flat plate or cake drum
  • Three gold candles
  • Gold ribbon for decoration
  • Artificial ivy leaves

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  1. Upturn the cake and put it in the center on a plate or cake drum. Cover, utilizing the warm apricot glaze or jam, and marzipan, as shown in steps 1-3 of the“Classic Chic”  Knead the sugar paste to make softer, then roll out to 4-5mm width on an exterior frivolously dusted with icing sugar. Cut out rectangles about 20 x 5cm (8 x 2in), and then reduced by half slantwise.
  2. Brush some water over the marzipan and organize triangles, so they overlap each other, with the points meeting in the center. If probable, have the last triangle going on the first, but if the first one is stuck down too securely, just hold the last one overlapping on top, if necessary. Roll 3 balls of sugar paste, dampen the bases and press them in the center of the cake to hold the candles.
  3. Spray the cake with luster color. It may be hard to spray evenly so, if essential, give the cake two light coatings, and then leave just long enough for the color to dry.
  4. Cut the three candles to slightly different lengths, and while the sugar paste is still supple, stick them into the balls on top of the cake. Sprinkle edible stars over the peak of the cake. Hide sugar paste balls with small bows of gold ribbon, and artificial ivy leaves. Tie a gold ribbon around the base of the cake.

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Three trees Christmas cake

Three trees Christmas cake is my favorite cake recipe.


  • 20cm round or 18cm square basic Christmas cake.
  • Small amount of yellow sugar paste
  • 100g green sugar paste
  • Multicolored degrees
  • Small star cutter
  • Christmas tree cookie cutters

For an added effect utilize red and blue sugar paste to make small edible presents and stick them beneath the trees.

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  1. Cover your Christmas cake with marzipan and sugar paste.
  2. Start by kneading the yellow sugar paste to make softer it and roll it out, and then cut out three stars.
  3. Roll out the green sugar paste and cut out three tree shapes. Brush a little water onto the trees where the baubles are to positioned and then stick the dragees in place, and then stick on the stars. Mix some of the green sugar paste with water to make a sticky glue, and use it to hold the trees onto the cake. Wrap a ribbon around the cake.

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