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Lucky Colors and Lucky Gemstone by Planets

Lucky Colors and Lucky Gemstone by Planets

Lucky Colors and Lucky Gemstone by Planets

Mostly people love horoscope and like everything according to Zodiac Signs. We often like dresses, shoes, nail polish colors and hair style, even “lucky number and golden colors” according to astrology. But there I told you the importance of colors in the light of astrology. The role of colors is appropriately highlighted everywhere. Remedies for small intensification planets for fetching equilibrium in the life of a human being are prearranged by astrologers taking medication to different means. So now, I write the full detail article on Lucky Colors and Lucky Gemstone by Planets for you.

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Sun Lucky Color and Gemstone

However, the color of Sun is red – the escalation of Sun in the horoscope of an individual should be finished with red flowers or saffron-color objects. The lucky stone is ruby which is also red. The red color is the symbol of power and energy – shows the creativity and vitality. The overload of red color is harmful; that’s way be careful at the time of weight decided. Those people who are suffering in heart diseases this doesn’t for you, you avoid red color.Sagittarius Man Horoscope

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Moon Lucky Color and Gemstone

The pale white color is the Moon. This color has all the seven colors of the spectrum and purifying properties also. It controls the contemplation development – go ahead in the direction of the spirituality and good quality. However, the overload of white isn’t excellent. According to astrology, the Moon escalation is revolved around the white color things like white flowers, white lotus, jasmine and lily, milk, curd, rice flour and white sandalwood.

Mars Lucky Color and Gemstone

The yellowish red color is the color of Mars. The difference between the Mars red and sun red is that the Mars red indicate the violence and sun red color indicate the royalty. Red blood cells’ red color is associated with Mars red color. Mars red color can reason the blood-related problems. The overload of Mars red color can be a cause of accidents and extremely violent behavior. For better luck of Mars arranged the red or yellow colors.Pisces Compatibility

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Mercury Lucky Color and Gemstone

The green color is the color of mercury, and this color is famous for agreement, balance and hope. It can calm down agitated nerves and mind. The green color is the excellent color for the heart patients and also pregnant women. The recommended green color is basil leave for mercury-related problems. The lucky gemstone for Mercury is emerald.

Jupiter Lucky Color and Gemstone

Yellow or yellowish orange color is Jupiter. The effects of both colors are active and also a benefic planet. Jupiter’s colors have warming effects and encourage the nervous system. The treatments items for Jupiter-related problems are yellow flowers and nuts like walnuts, almond, and cashews. It’s compatible gemstone is the yellow sapphire and yellow topaz.

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Venus Lucky Color and Gemstone

Aquarius Child HoroscopeThe pure white color is the Venus color. Venus color is the combination of all spectrum colors. The moon indicates pale white and Venus suggest the pure white. The effects of both colors are same, but Moon represents the simplicity while Venus represents sophistication. The treatment recommended items of Venus related problems are saffron, white rose, jasmine, lotus, lily, asparagus ascenders and Aloe Vera, etc. the lucky gemstone for Venus is the diamond.

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Saturn Lucky Color and Gemstone

Saturn color is black. This color indicates the darkness or absence of light. The rays released by Saturn are of violet color. The black color is known as a calming color for agitated persons and is also known for its protective properties. The Extraordinary black color is made a reason for depression. The Saturn-related problem treating items are the black color like black sesame, comfrey root, and iron, etc. the lucky gemstone is blue sapphire.

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