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Lines on Palm Indicating Love Marriage

Lines on Palm Indicating Love Marriage

Lines On Palm Indicating Love Marriage

The location of marriage line mainly reflects the situation of marriage life, time, and love relationship, as well as attitude towards love. Union line is located below the base of the small finger just above the heart line. It differs with different people. Palmistry Marriage line says some people have just one line, some have two lines, and other have multiple lines. Also, some people may find no marriage line. The largest marriage line is frequently used as a basis for judgment. Different palm reading marriage lines their own way. There are Lines On Palm Indicating Love Marriage.

Lines On Palm Indicating Love Marriage

The length, islands, numbers, shape, and forks of the line reveal different meanings for your marriage life. Follow the below analysis to find out what your line stand for, but remember that it requires a lot of practice and therefore readers should be careful not to apply it to themselves. Further, these line changes with the more you experience. No matter what kind of line you have a healthy marriage necessarily you to manage carefully.

Marriage Line Length

Lenhgth Lines On Palm Indicating Love Marriage

Straight Long

A straight long marriage line indicates long and profound love. The long line shows you are gentle, passionate, and normally have a happy family. If you have one line which is long and thick, touch or close to Sun line. It shows you could not only appreciate a happy marriage and also get success in career after the wedding.


If you have short wedding line, it tells indifferent attitude to the opposite sex. It is shallow, and you frequently lack the patients to engage the opposite sex and unenviable to fall deep when falling in love. If you have such type of line, you are likely to marriage lately.


Curved Lines On Palm Indicating Love Marriage

Curving Downwards

If you marriage line goes downwards to the heart line at the end, it’s not a good sign. It indicates your partner will die earlier than you. The curve of marriage line downwards suddenly, it means your partner may suffer from accidental death. If your line touches the heart line, it predicts personality clashes and marriage crises with your spouse. So a separation or divorce may happen.

Curving Upwards

If marriage line curves upwards at the end, it predicts an invariable in love and an established marriage life. Normally you don’t have troubles about your finance and can metallic element an abundant life with your partner.


Forked Lines On Palm Indicating Love Marriage

If the line is forked at the starting with a shape of “Y” is not a good symbol. It predicts divorce or split-up. Your fork is small, and the situation is normal as it only stands for a change of integrity for some time.

If the line has split at the end, it indicates marriage crises and separation. You may also suffer from dyspepsia. Your career is not satisfied before 55 years old.


Islands Lines On Palm Indicating Love Marriage

Islands indicate psychological incompatibility with your family or life partner.

If you find island at the start of your marriage line, it means you may not go smoothly in love relationships before the wedding. The island appears in the middle of life indicates twists and turns in love.

If an island is at the end of a line, it shows obstacles after marriage.


If you have a grill marriage line, then you have a lot of ups and downs in your marriage life and abnormal sexuality. If the single person has such type of marriage line is hard to find a good mate, and the marriage is effortless to break up during the middle age.

Overlapping of Lines

Overlaping Lines On Palm Indicating Love Marriage

If you’ve multiple overlapping lines with different lengths, its means you could not have any ideal love marriage or relationship. You could not easily find the mate or not meet with the partner. In married people life, it indicates your partner interfered by the third party. Later year, you are quickly suffering in diabetes or hypertension.

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Short Line Above or Below

A short line above or below marriage line indicates many quarrels, stubborn character, and hard love relation of you. You can easily suffer in any disease.

Meaning of Numbers of Lines

No Marriage Lines

If your palm is the plan and has no marriage line, it doesn’t matter you don’t have marriage chance. It means you have no desire to love or not interested in opposite sex. You don’t pay much attention to marriage and may be sexless. You just concentrate on your career or hobbies. As a younger, if you don’t have marriage line. It means you grow older and contact with opposite sex, and the marriage line may appear. If married people have no line its say that they don’t have the interest in their partner.

One Marriage Line

Only one line means you are looking an ideal for marriage and live a satisfying life with the partner.

More Than One Line

Some people have above one marriage line, but it doesn’t mean that they have more than one marriage.

Two Lines On Palm Indicating Love Marriage

Two Marriage Line

Most of the personalities have two lines as long as the lines are clear, thick with red color, the people could have a sound marriage. If your both line is parallel, it indicates a tortuous marriage. Other than that, if both lines were running parallel with different length, you are easy to fall into love-triangle situations. If both lines are not parallel, it indicates separation or divorce.

Three or Four Lines On Palm Indicating Love Marriage

Three Marriage Lines

Three marriage lines show different emotions and week idea of sexual abstention. If you have three wedding lines, you may have the inadequate conception of life. Usually, you are romantic, talented, and passionate, if you don’t use wisdom would be troubling in love.

Four Lines

Four thin and long marriage lines indicate you have a romantic character. You are not satisfied with an uneventful life.

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