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Lexus LS Reviews 2016

Lexus LS Reviews 2016

Lexus LS Reviews 2016 saloon is a very comfortable and easy seating car.

The Lexus LS is a very luxurious, comfortable and loaded saloon with the steadfast pieces of equipment, but the top-spec model is costly. But, it gets the positive reviews, and both models entry-level petrol and top-spec hybrid are packed with hi-tech equipment and offer a tremendous amount of passenger space.

Testers and experts say about it, it is an engineering masterpiece. The near-silent hybrid drivetrain provides seemingly effortless acceleration while the leather-lined interior offers Gulfstream levels of comfort and refinement. It is just an embarrassment about those uninteresting looks.

The great Lexus seems more courageous than earlier while the model state is sublime and the stable interior can compete taught from Mercedes S-Class or Jaguar XJ. Standard cars come well furnished, whereas F Sports models get higher metal wheels and a nice body kit. Lexus has a particular report on security, too, passing the Lexus LS a splurging limo you can rely on for many years to evolve.


  • Excellent reliability
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Impressive equipment list


  • Weak economy
  • Low resale values
  • Expensive hybrid version

On the Inside

Lexus LS Reviews 2016 saloon is a very comfortable and easy seating car.

Said that, as much quality as you could desire you can see in the interior part of Lexus LS. You or your driver will benefit from the excellent range of automatic alteration in both seats driver and steering wheel.

Matters improve the interior, wherever you’ll find an elegant design and superb termination. It doesn’t look as modern as the competing Mercedes S-Class’ interior, but you do avail from crystal cleared dials and an uncluttered design. The dashboard is overshadowed by an immense 12.3-inch color envelope, which is dominated by the compound Old Touch joystick, positioned on the middle solace ahead of the rotating control for the engine’s different hybrid styles.


Lexus LS Reviews 2016 saloon is a very comfortable and easy seating car.

Unluckily, the rest of the driving practice isn’t up to the gauge of the Mercedes S-Class and Audi A8. The air-suspension provides the Lexus for conveying serenely over bumps, and there’s lots of hold in corners, but it’s let down by dull steering. Selecting Sports style solidifies the adaptive restraints and changes the hybrid energy mode dial to a rev stand, but it’s not quite to alter the car’s large dimensions on a twisting back road.

Also, the exciting brake clutch action does it tough to stop evenly – a major defect in a luxury limousine. And while the Lexus LS’s V8 is quiet, there’s still wind and road sound.

The eight-speed electric in the LS 460 is very efficient, but the CVT device in the hybrid model gives the little operator control over engine speed and immediately becomes flustered when hastened.


Lexus LS Reviews 2016 saloon is a very comfortable and easy seating car.

There are two types of flagship Lexus engine; one is 4.6-litre LS 460 petrol engine and second is 5.0-litre LS 600h petrol-electric hybrid engine. It isn’t as green as you might think despite the fact that, delivering economy of only 32.8mpg. It may have a bulletproof dependability record, but that doesn’t signify the LS will be something but awfully luxurious to run.

If its hybrid engine is not to your taste, then there is the predictable petrol 4.6-litre that created 493lb ft of maximum torque.

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A total of 10 airbags, electronic security control and a tyre-pressure monitoring arrangement are just part of the Lexus LS security box. Adaptive voyage control sustains a safe way from the car in the head while a pre-crash sensor system serves the car for an impression before it passes. A lane-departure warning system is also accessible. This informs you if the vehicle veers out of its path – beneficial at motorway speeds.

Value for Money

Lexus LS Reviews 2016 saloon is a very comfortable and easy seating car.

The Lexus LS is very expensive and if you’re seeing on the pricey side of £72k and upwards for the LS460 and a massive £99,995 and onwards for the LS600h L, and that’s plenty. Notwithstanding reduction isn’t any worse than rivals; it’ll still be uncomfortable when it comes to reselling.

You do get plenty of stuff or spec sheet list, as a premium Mark Levinson hi-fi, massaging seats, air-conditioned, and voice-operated sat-nav.

Some examiners note that there are diesel-powered competitors, which are cheaper, greener and just a touch more impressive than the big Lexus.


No doubt it is expensive, but it has plenty of equipment, with the top-spec LS 600h hybrid great energy-engine same as Rolls-Royce saloon. Still, it will endure the same difficulties as any Lexus – a BMW or Mercedes brand will always pull buyers apart from the LS like Millers to a light.

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