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Lemon Cake Flour Less with Strawberries

Lemon Cake Flour Less with Strawberries

lemon and strawberries mixed cake

Every experience acts as a message for an explicit baking method. This lemon cake is mostly used in summer days. There are the bundle of sultry strawberries and also the razor-sharp clarity of lemon taste. This cake is served as an incentive after you spent a picnic party on the shore or in the desert with your kids.

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About  Recipe

This delicious lemon cake flourless with strawberries is a great treat to get pleasure from with a cup of tea. Children can also get caught up by pounding the cake mix and also can spooning on the strawberry squash.Gluten-gratis sweltering at its most excellent, this lemon cake crammed with condensed fruits and crown with flogging cream frosting is ideal for a birthday celebration or at picnic parties.

Ingredients of Lemon Cake Flourless with Strawberries

lemon cake with strawberries

First of all, we need all these things to make our desired and tasty recipe without any flaws.

Remember all this.

Lemon cake

  • 300g butter, soft, extra for greasing
  • 3000g caster sugar
  • 4 eggs
  • 150g polenta
  • 300g ground almonds
  • 2tsp baking powder
  • lemons for taste
  • 50ml lemon juice

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  • 180g strawberry jam
  • 2  punnet of strawberries, hulled and quartered


lemon cake piece

First, make sure that these ingredients that are mentioned above are available, if any one component missed from the above, then you should need first to arrange all these elements otherwise its impossible to you make your desired dish. Now follow the given steps that will help you in making of lemon cake flour-less with strawberries.

Step 1

Heat the oven already with 150°C/gas spot 3. Oil a non-attach spiral form cake cylinder and streak the bottom with a slash-out around of oil proof paper.

Step 2

In the food blender or bowl, strike the sugar and butter simultaneously until glow and feathery. Break the eggs and put it in, individually, but mixing constantly.

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Step 3

When the eggs are thoroughly mixed in the bowl with sugar and butter, then insert the polenta, baking powder and ground almonds and mixed it again.

Step 4

When you have combined the baking powder, ground almonds, and eggs, then you can insert the lemon appetite and also juice and carry on to mix until fully combine.

Step 5

 Empty the pound into the ready cake cylinder and heat in the oven almost for 50 minutes, or wait until the cake has gone up. And is golden on top, Take away from the oven and abscond to cool it.

 Step 6

In the meantime, get ready the strawberries. Put the fruit squash in a flat-bottomed pot and fetch to the boil.

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Lighten it up

lemon cake with straberries

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If sweetened strawberry squash is not your fad, then you can also use new and fresh strawberries in its place.

Step 7

Bubble the squash only for 3 minutes, and then insert the quartered of strawberries. Boil for a more 2 minutes.

Step 8

Take away the strawberry container from the heat and set to one side to cool it.

Step 9

Once it cooled, extend the container over the complete cake before allocation or serve up each piece with a dollop of the strawberry compote.

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As a replacement of strawberry stuff, you can make a lemon juice by sweltering together almost the same quantities of lemon fluid and water that plow condensed and sugary, append sugar or bribe to taste (but it requirements to be pointed to harmonize the sugarless of the cake). Make plenty of small openings in the cake with impale, and light rain greater than the syrup. Depart until almost all syrup is engrossed then eat balmy or frosty, with ice cream, strawberries, coagulate cream, or just simple happiness.

Hoping that you will like my article and also will enjoy this recipe, for feedback, please comment below.

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