Lamar Odom Tells Khloe Kardashian To Leave Him If She Wants To Be With James Harden

Khloe Kardashian, 31, is in the complicated love triangle with her husband, Lamar Odom, 36, and boyfriend, James Harden, 26, and it seems that Lamar is done dealing with it! With Lamar’s health is recovered finally, Khloe has begun spending more time with James after sticking by Lamar’s side for weeks, which is getting to him. In spite of the love she has shown Lamar through his crisis, he doesn’t want much to do with Khloe if she wants James!

Lamar doesn’t like Khloe spending time with James,” an insider revealed to Wear and cheer EXCLUSIVELY. Lamar told her if she wants to be with him then he should just leave him alone.”

Whoa, that’s a serious warning! Considering Khloe and Lamar called off their divorce in the middle of his medical trauma, they obviously still have the love for each other. But it sounds like Khloe’s desire to go on dates with James is making Lamar consider that her love isn’t as strong as his! Even if it seems Khloe might preference James over Lamar, our source tells us that Khloe’s love for Lamar is in fact what’s creating such a confused condition!

“Khloe has been spending less time with Lamar giving him time to rest while also creating some space between them,” the source said. “But both he and she know Khloe isn’t about to abandonLamar no matter what. She still loves him, and everyone can see that. Although she says there is nothing romantic between them, it’s clear she cares for him more than just a friend. Her feelings for Lamar are holding her back from fully committing to James.”

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