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Ladies here’s how to style your renewed hiking boots

Ladies here’s how to style your renewed hiking boots

Contrary to what you might think, hiking boots have come a long way from what they were originally designed for – hiking of course. Nowadays it’s a pretty common sight to find these boots being tagged in whenever and wherever the wearer deems necessary, so much for usage exclusivity right?

The rationale behind this is quite easy – hiking boots are made from the toughest materials ever assigned to a particular line of shoe. In fact, a well-crafted pair can endure all the weathering, pounding and abuse that you inflict on them

However, if you do find your favorite fair in the threshold of breaking apart, one trip to your repair shop and you will surely get them most beloved hiking boots renewed to perfection. In fact, at Nushoe Inc., they use high-quality materials to achieve almost the same look of your shoes before they were damaged. According to them, “we specialize in rebuilding your shoes with materials that are as good if not better than the original materials”, which gives more trust and confidence to customers when it comes to shoe repair.

So what do you wear with your hiking boots if you are not planning on climbing a mountain or trekking the forest?

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Hiking Boots Repair

Here are Some Tips:

1. Choose the Color

Spring is an excellent time to showcase your hiking boots whether you are out for a quick stroll or planning to hit the nightclub scene, wearing hiking boots to complement your get up is a sure winner.

If you like to dress up in an all-black outfit- meaning from head to foot, you can break the monotony by wearing tan colored hiking boots. This will instantly guarantee to give accent to your favorite pair.

2. Puffy Vest and Jeans

If it’s still a bit chilly in your area, putting on a puffy vest over your checkered shirt and jeans will totally spell chic and fab! Go for a matching jacket over your shirt, like if it is blue, then pair it with a jacket with the same hue, it can be lighter or darker, entirely dependent on your taste.

3. Glam Look

For the ladies, you can pair your favorite hiking boots with a floral skirt, tights, a sweater and a cute round fedora hat. You can experiment with the color matching. Add some bracelets and a backpack to complete the look.

Now you are all set to hit the scene with your besties. Bright, colorful socks. Get an entirely bad look by pairing your refurbished hiking boots with a pair of skinny jeans and putting on bright, colorful socks to boot! You can be as unique as you want with this, just remember to pull over those socks over your skinny jeans midway your shin area. Printed socks will also do the trick. Wool or cotton socks are the recommended type.

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How to repair hiking shoes

4. Lacing

One quick way to have that unique feel is laced your hiking boots differently. You can scour the net for different types of lacing system that will suit your personal taste. This is one way that you can change the look and probably feel of your hiking boots without actually spending cash – now how cool is that?

Aside from varying the lacing system, you can also change the color of the lace themselves – but be forewarned, and this is more of aesthetic design, not recommended if you are planning to go hiking.

5. The Beanie

One variation to the fedora hat look is to don a beanie along with your buttoned up plaid shirt tucked into your high-waist ripped skinny jeans over your favorite hiking boots. Now this look will not only work well this spring season, but you can carry it over the next season – night time only as it might be sweltering next season, don’t’ want you sweating it out, though!

6. Sunglasses and shades

Another easy way to pop out the look a couple of notches higher is for you to wear your best shades or sunglasses (daytime recommended only). Not only will you look cool, but shades and hiking boots go together like horse and carriage!

There is a lot more ways to carry those renewed hiking boots fashionably without actually spending for new one’s ladies. The key is to use your imagination and whatever else you got in your closet.

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