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Know The Reasons Why Your Bra Strap Slips Too Often

Know The Reasons Why Your Bra Strap Slips Too Often

Why Your Bra Strap Slips Too Often

Slipping of bra strap is a common problem observed among women. Most often women with narrow shoulders will experience this. It might be due to improper fitting bras or wrong bra selection. Keep reading to find out the various reasons of bra strap slipping off your shoulder.

1. Cup Size Is Large

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The bra straps fall if the cup size is too large. This may be due to two reasons. Firstly you did not check the size before purchasing, due to which the breast tissue does not fit in and hence no tension is applied on the straps. Secondly, as you grow in age, the volume on the breast top decreases which creates volume on the cups. Owing to these reasons, the bra straps fall off your shoulder. In order to avoid this, try to purchase a wireless support bra with a smaller cup size so that your breast fits in properly.

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2. The Straps Are Not Tight

One of the most obvious reasons could be loose straps. Many women do not adjust the strap and hence they are left free. Straps have not a significant role when it comes to supporting breast weight, but a minor support is required of it will completely fall off from the shoulders. You need to adjust the tightness of the bra strap, so that they give the necessary support, while at the same time not pulling your bra backward.

3. Expanded Bra Back

Expanded Bra Back


If you are wearing a larger brand size, the straps will be at a certain distance from each other. The woman makes one common mistake of selecting the most dominant brand with a smaller cup size. Due to this, the strap falling becomes evident. The remedy to this is to choose a right size with a larger brand size and smaller cup size. This combination is the perfect fit and does not make you feel uncomfortable. A cotton non-wired bra is a good option when chosen according to your size.

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4. Choosing The Wrong Bra Style

Many bra styles are available in the market, but not every style is a right choice for everyone. Every woman has a different personality and therefore should choose bra according to its body type. The square-shouldered woman should go for a wide strapped bra. While women with narrow shoulders must carefully select the strap placement so that they are not too far apart. You need to be aware of your body type to get the most appropriate fitting bra.

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5. Improper Positioning Of Bra

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This problem arises when you are in a hurry to leave the house. You do not pay much attention whether your bra is the proper place or if it is worn correctly. A comfortable is the absolute requirement of every woman during the entire day. To check the fitting, pull your bra back down, so as to make sure that is has been worn correctly. You can even buy underwire bra for better fit and comfort.

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6. Using Bra Extenders

Bra extenders are the accessories that give an added length to your back. These extenders add more problems and strap slipping takes place more often. If you are extending the bra back, the strap will move farther apart and will move till the shoulders edge. It is better to avoid extenders, instead, go for a proper brand and cup size.

The bra back is really important. So while selecting a right fitting, be sure of how the bra back looks. This will solve your problem of bra strap slipping off.

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