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Know all About Semi-Precious Gemstones and Their Features

Know all About Semi-Precious Gemstones and Their Features

Semi-Precious Gemstones

A gemstone is gorgeous, sparkling, beautiful and precious too. Everybody can’t own them until they feature major flaws such as ugly color spots, scratches, small sizes, etc. Simultaneously everybody is not capable of buying these expensive gemstones just to ornament their jewelry while we have semi-precious stones to replace those costly jewels.

What is a Semi-Precious Gemstone?


A semi-precious stone is a jewel which is available at lower prices just because of their availability in enough quantity. They are not rare like diamonds and real pearls meanwhile they are cheap in comparison of costly gems. Usually, gemstones are classified into two categories – Precious Stones and Semi-precious stones.

Precious stones are diamonds, sapphire, ruby, and emerald. All of these four belongs to rarest gems with limited mining sources on the earth. Semi-precious gemstones groups contain all of the gemstones excluding these four jewels. Mostly semi-precious gemstones are variations of quartz like rose quartz, amethyst, citrine, peridot with other stones like garnet, opal, etc.

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History of Semi-Precious Gemstones

History of Semi-Precious Gemstones

Interestingly semi-precious gemstones carry a rich history in conjunction of other gemstones. The term “semi-precious gemstone” came into fashion only in recent centuries especially after inventing new scientific techniques to determine the difference between various gems. Earlier there was no way to distinguish between a ruby and garnet, so both were regarded as the ruby until geologists didn’t prove that these are two stones.

Basic Features of Semi-Precious Gemstones

Basic Features of Semi-Precious Gemstones

They are awesome. Certainly, a gem is excellent regardless its quality and prices. They accessorize your attire within your limited budget providing more alternates. Despite all gemstones are mineral compounds of one or more natural elements, semi-precious gemstones have their set of features that separates them from the other stones.

They are Cheap –  Unlike precious stones, semi-precious gemstones are available in more than enough quantity thus these are available at fewer prices. A diamond may cost you up to several hundred dollars; you can use zircon (not cubic Zirconia) to mirror the first. It will cost only a few dollars which are too cost-efficient to save your money.

They are Perfect – Semi-precious stones occur in spectrum colors in almost all sizes, so these are highly customizable any jewelry. Also, they appear flawless or with minor color variations which can be removed using stone treatments quickly.

They can Replace Precious Jewels –  Almost every semi-precious gemstone is either identical to precious stone or contains a unique set of features. In both conditions, they are cool to replace costly gems without negotiating with the look.

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Most Popular Semi-Precious Gemstones

Popular Semi-Precious Gemstones

Though this group contains dozens of stones available in nature as well as created in labs some of the most popular semi-precious gemstones are as follows:

Amethyst: A variety of quartz is transparent appears in various shades of purple blue to green.

Aquamarine: The birthstone of the month of March, aquamarine represents water and is in demand for its graceful look.

Citrine: One of the most beautiful gemstones, citrine is no less than yellow need when it comes to looks. Its bright yellow look is sure to represent real contentment of the life.

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Garnet: You would astonish to know that many of historically known rubies are garnet. Garnet mirrors each and every optical property of precious ruby Meanwhile it is available at much lower prices.

Opal: There are not enough words to introduce an opal’s feature. It’s just superb if you are looking for something unconventional and trendy.

Onyx: A black color stone onyx is perfect for everyone interested in black gemstones to eliminate negative energy and phobias.

Pearl: The symbol of wisdom and good luck, a pearl is an organic gem created by small sea creatures. Mostly it appears in off white or milky white colors with a non-metallic luster.

Peridot: The yellow colored gem was once valued more than diamond but the time has been changed.

Tanzanite: It was unearthed in the 70’s decade in Tanzania. It displays warm seductive blue color in transparent crystal and is a perfect alternate of blue sapphire.

Topaz: Typically yellow or brown in color, the topaz comes in rainbow colors except red. It is second to some precious stones regarding hardness and looks. However, blue topaz is one of the most coveted gemstones on the planet.

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