Katie Ormerod during Snowboarder: ‘It Was Scary Being Told I’d broken My Back

Katie Ormerod Snowboarder

Katie Ormerod was born in the UK and started snowboarding at Halifax dry slope when she was just 3 years old. She completed her country level Gymnastics from the age of 4. Now, Katie Ormerod Snowboarder is 19-years old and rise to worldly success in nothing short of unbelievable. She completed as Gymnast to the age of 14, together with her sideline of snowboarding. It looks like 2017 could be the year of Katie Ormerod.

The British snowboarder continual a run of inspiring results with the silver medal at the Air + Style snow sports and music event in Austria and Innsbruck, her 6th pedestal finish this season. When she was 15 years old, she becomes the youngest girl to land a Double backflip on the snowboard and at the age of 16 did the world’s first female Backside Double Cork 1080.

She is brilliant and won the Big Air World Cups in Russia, German, and South Korean. The primary goal of Katie is to podium at both the X Games and Olympics.

In the British winter, sports athletes are enjoying a recent string of successes in the Big Air at the X Games in Colorado and Aspen. She won the bronze medal in the snowboard slopestyle. In 2014 she made history as the first female snowboarder at the age of 16. But, now she missed out on the Sochi Olympics that year due to injury, chipping a bone in her back through the crash. It meant a protracted period of respite, and a dwelling on the sidelines as her Nationals struggled it out in their final event of the period, the British freestyle ski and snowboard championships.

Katie Ormerod Snowboarder

Katie Ormerod Snowboarder Injure During Traning

In March her season was ended sharply, and she crashed heavily during preparation for the World Championships in Sierra Nevada, Spain. She told BBS sport:

“I know straight away that I’d hurt myself, but I just felt really sore. She said, I did not want to go hospital as I thought that was a bit overkill buy my physic persuaded me to. I was X-rayed and the doctors gave me the news that I’d broken my back, which was scary.”

Katei was discourse at the Brits battery-operated snowboarding and skiing finals in Laax, Switzerland. Where she was not permitted to drive while she improves. But it did not avert her modest streak coming out as the succeeded. In a singing rivalry called Famous First Words. She said:

“It was a shame to miss the end of the season but it hasn’t affected my world ranking so it was probably a blessing in disguise to have a bit more rest.”

Yorkshire Infection

In her Yorkshire infection, she is so realistic when her discussions about her injury, but like most snowboarders and skiers. She can list a list of other body parts which have been cracked or broken in chase of sporting splendor. She said philosophically:

“I’ve snapped my ACL [anterior cruciate ligament], my meniscus on both knees, broken my shoulder, broken both arms, as well as cut my eye open. Injuries do come with the sport unfortunately.”

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She is greatest Britain’s most consistent snowboarder this season with three world cup stages. In the big air to close second in the overall positions. In addition to a silver medal at the Innsbruck Air and Style. She said:

“This season has boosted my confidence massively. Winning in Moscow was amazing and then to compete at the X Games and come away with a medal in slopestyle was awesome.”

Now, her totally focus on the Winter Olympics, which will be held in South Korea in February 2018. The Pipe and GB Park teams will spend three months in New Zealand as they prepare for Games.

The 2018 Games will be the 23rd Winter Olympics. British have only one medal on snowboarder in the 84-year history. Katei Ormerod added:

“The Olympics have been my main goal and I believe now is my time to shine.”

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