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Is My Car Insured How to Run a Car Insurance Check

Is My Car Insured How to Run a Car Insurance Check

Is my car insured How to run a car insurance check

Our guidance makes clear how to run a car insurance check to find out if your car is insured.

Since permanent insurance enforcement (CIE) came into force in the UK in 2011, all cars must have a least of third party insurance cover to be road-legal. So even if a car is not being utilized, it either needs to be insured or subject to a statutory off-road notification (SORN). If you don’t have insurance, you’re risking a £1,000 fine and prosecution — so if you’re not certain whether your car is insured, it’s significant you find out as soon as probable.

How to check if your car is insured

If you haven’t consciously bought an insurance policy for your car, the chances are it’s not insured. Car insurance is not transferable when cars are sold, so it’s compulsory for you to take out your policy when you are purchasing the car. Some car dealers will offer ‘driveaway insurance’ when you buy a new car — this will cover you for a limited period (generally up to a week) until you buy your car insurance policy.

If you formerly purchase an insurance policy for your car and are not certain if you’re still covered, it’s probable that your system has converted mechanically. Most insurers will send you a renewal notice and automatically renovate your cover if you don’t take any action. If you think this might be the case, you can find out by contacting your insurer or checking your bank reports to observe if any payments have been collected in the past 12 months.

Run a car insurance check

If you’re still not certain whether your car is insured, you can make sure by checking the Motor Insurer’s Database (MID) online. You just require the car’s registration number and must say openly that you are the owner or registered custodian of the car.

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The MID is the only centralized database of motor insurance policy info for all insured vehicles and is also utilized by the police to run a car insurance checks. All insurers must be constituents of the MIB and are required to add all policies to the database. It’s rationalized around the clock 365 days per year but may not be updated instantly, so if you’ve just bought an insurance policy, your car may not appear on the database straight away.

The car insurance database shows the car covered so can I drive it?

If your car insurance check displays the car is insured, it doesn’t signify anybody can run it. Insurance policies cover drivers rather than cars, so you’ll require your car insurance policy (or to be added as a named driver) before you get behind the wheel.

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