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Intersting Facts About Black Color

Intersting Facts About Black Color

A girl in black color.


Black is the darkest color mean absence of all color and observation of light. It is the sign of self-control, independence, rebellion, wealth, emptiness, and lack of color. It is the color of power, authorization, professionalism, tradition, sorrow and control because it can enhance our emotions. It is opposite of white color. We can relate black color to secret, unknown and to create an air of mystery. You can also say that it is the best color to wear.

In western, it represents the sorrow and color of mourning.

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Middle Age

In the middle age black color consider as evil, darkness, power and security. Sometimes the devil was painted but in human being foam but the devil has dark skin, hair, and wings.

In the middle age, Royal, Noble, and other rich people use black color in their dress. Infect it become the color of wealthy and prosperous families. In the middle age, people thought that the devil appeared in the ceremony in the form of animals like a black cat, black goat, black bear, and black roaster at midnight. The black cat was considered as bad luck.

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In 18th and 19th Century

Black color becomes the part of fashion in London and Paris which is called the style of the house. It was using in large parties of London and Paris. The black color also considers as part of romance and literature.
Auguste Renoir used black color in their painting. A person told him that black was not a color then he replied:

What makes you think that? Black is the queen of colors. I always detested Prussian blue. I tried to replace black with a mixture of red and blue, I tried using cobalt blue or ultramarine, but I always came back to ivory black.

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20th and 21st Century

German and Italian use black color for their political movement. Many painters like Kazimir Malevich belong to Russia, and Henri Matisse used black color and their painting to represent their creative thinking. The black color also represents rebellion and liberty of those people who did not follow mention rules and regulation. Many famous people like musician wear black color, and star also used the black color in films.
In 1960, the president of America John F Kennedy wore a black dress. French designers Coco Chanel introduce black color as fashion for women. Their design was published in the magazine. She said:

A women need just three things; a black dress, a black sweater, and, on her arm, A man she loves.

Hubert de Givenchy design the most famous black dress for film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” in 1961 wear by Audrey Hepburn. Many political groups use black color for the banner like jihad movement in 1990.

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Meaning of Black Color in the Entire World

In Chinese relate black color with direction, season, winter, water, and north. It also a traditional clothes color for boys. In Aztec the dark color associated with war because black crystal glass is use to cutting the corner of battle weapon like swords. They also associate black color with religion.

In Western culture black color represents sorrow. It uses for mourning. In Spain, Italy, and Greeks the widow wears the black dress for the whole life, and other family member wears black for a particular period. In England, black color is use in a taxi and public vehicle.

Angelina Jolie

Effect of Black Color on our Behavior

Any color effect on your behavior a lot and black color effect on your behavior as well

  • You feel emptiness.
  • You feel mysterious.
  • You feel energetic.

Black color makes you dangerous and conservative. It creates the romantic environment. Black also realize us about a real fact of life, and we plan about future.

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Interesting Fact about Black Color

The black color associated with authority and energy and power as you see a judge, robber, tuxedos wear a black dress. In many countries, if a black cat crosses the way then, it considers bad luck. But in England, black cat with spots is associated with good luck.

Musician wears the black dress to get the attention of audience during orchestra, In some culture, it considers that if women buried wearing black dress, then she will come again and hunt family members.

Black Color as a Signature

Black color also used for name like

  • Kiss: black wing, black painted face, black cloth was the sign of a famous rock band Kiss who belong to America.
  • Johnny Cash: “the man in black” associated with the country music icon.
  • Roy Orbison: her sign black sunglasses become very famous among people.

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Why I Choose Black Color for my Dressing

I think black is the color that is easiest, simplest, coolest and fashionable way to dress up. In New York and all over the word black color is always in fashion. Black shoes, black leather jacket, black shirt, black pent, black scarf, black hat, black bag are always in fashion. If you have black color in your wardrobe, then you always have the whole thing regarding dressing according to fashion. Well, there are some reasons according to me, so I choose black color for myself.

If I am wearing black color, then I have no tension about matching. I can take any color with it or same.

  • Black color can cover the stain. You don’t worry if you put anything on your dress.
  • It always gives me different unique and up to date look.
  • Black color looks good on every type of skin tone.
  • The black color gives you mature and decent look.
  • You can use different accessories quickly like glasses, hat, and jewelry.
  • I can wear black color in every season.
  • Black color creates my look thinner, and I look smarter than any other color.
  • Black color always look good may be your dress is expensive or cheap.
  • The black color is available in much soft and different stuff so you can enjoy with this stuff.

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Black is always in fashion, and many culture different things are related to black color. You know any interesting fact about black color??

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