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Interior Designing Ideas

Interior Designing Ideas

Lighting-Interior Decoration

Obviously, we want our house to look perfect and eye-catching. When you step into a room which is not professionally decorated, may have some flaws in it or may be many. There are random mistakes we make when it comes to interior decoration. You can avoid these errors at your level by reading the following Don’ts I have mentioned below:

How Not to Decor?

Remember, the first impression is the last impression. Your house is the outlook of your nature because it is your choice so chooses the best. Following mentioned ‘Don’ts’ can help you avoid some common mistakes while decorating each room of your house. It will help you to make your house look more attractive.

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1. Area Rug

Interior Decoration According To Two People

Do not use an area rug which is too small. Make sure all of the furniture sits on the placed rug. If it is not possible in some cases, the larger pieces should be located on rug with its front legs on the rug while the back ones are not. Smaller pieces should be placed entirely on the rug.

2. Choosing the Paint Color

Do not rush for choosing the paint color when decorating any room. There is a huge range of these in the market so relax. You will not lose your chance to get it. First, choose the perfect and stylish pieces for the room.

3. Placing Chandeliers

Do not hang the chandeliers too high that its gives a look of lighting up the ceiling, not your room. Place them according to your height of your room.

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4. Placing Art Work

Do not hang the artwork very high that it becomes difficult to view it. It should be to the level of the eye. Apparently, height matters from a person to a person. So you can hang the artwork to the height of about five feet. Remember to judge the wall from the bottom than from top while placing your artwork.

5. Curtains

Curtains - The Glamour

Do not use shorter curtains ever because they make the wall look shorter than it is. Shorter curtains look awkward. Always use longer curtains. It does not matter if they touch the floor more than required or are a little longer than required but they should never be shorter.

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6. Pillows

Do not make a rush of throw pillows in one area or room of the house. Throw pillows look great and add attraction to the chamber but do no throw them so much that you do not have space for yourself to sit.

Do not use tiny and small throw pillows. Make sure the throw pillows you use should be appropriate to the size of the furniture. There should be relation between the furniture and the throw pillows

7. Theme Room

Do not ever create a theme room as it will make you get bored of it soon. No doubt, its decoration is fascinating but on the other hand, it makes a person bored even earlier than you expect. They soon get outdated and old. In addition to this, they consume much of your money to replace the things.

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8. Make it Comfortable

Do not prefer style over comfort. There is a vast collection of things available in the market that makes you buy them, but they are pretty uncomfortable to sit in. Always make yourself sure that how you are going to use the piece you are spending your money on.

9. Furniture

Do not push you all furniture against the walls as it happens in many interior decorations. People do this as they are reluctant to show the back of their furniture. This act is mostly done in living and family rooms. It is many times done for creating space.

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10. Brighten Up the Room

Home Decoration - Fashion

Do not be depended on overhead lighting system. Although it looks stylish and good it doses not offer much light to brighten up the room. Place a mixture of them like the task, ambient along with overhead lighting. You may go for different kinds of lamps and sconces. More light gives a charm and happening to your room

I hope you liked the tips and the tricks that were provided in this piece of writing. Try them and enjoy an attractive and comfortable house to love in. Good Luck!!!

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