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Interesting Facts Related To English

Interesting Facts Related To English

Do you speak English

What is a Fact?

The fact can define in three different ways. Here are three mentioned definition of fact:

  • a thing that is undeniably the case
  • used in discussing the importance of something that is the case
  • a piece of information used as verification or as part of a description or news article

Well, I was very excited to come across the Interesting Facts Related To English. Facts are frequently linked to the history, popularity of this language and some other. They are not many but yet interesting. I enjoyed when I did a research and got some of them.

English Language

To be honest, it is not difficult when spoken, but when it comes to writing it, there are rules to follow. Seriously, I could not resist sharing it as they grabbed my interest. Hope it will take your attention too. Through all of the researches I have made related to this language, I have gathered only really interesting facts in the form of this article.

These interesting facts related to English may not be familiar to you. I am sure at the end of this section; you will have two things in hand; knowledge and fun. If you feel reading it further than keep on scrolling down your page. I am pretty sure that you are going to like it.

English Language

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Facts Related To English

  • The people who speak English every year is one billion which means one out of every seven people on the earth.
  • Two, Three, I and We are counted in the oldest words, from thousands of years.
  • 80% of the comprehensive information stored on all the computers throughout the world is in English.
  • “COOL” – The concept of this word came from the African word “ITUTU” which was brought to America by slavery.
  • 89% people from the total population of Sweden speak English.
  • This word “BRIDE” have its root in the old proto-germanic word meaning “TO COOK.”
  • If you remove the last four letters of the word “QUEUE”, it will still be pronounced the same way.
  • “MORTGAGE” comes from the French word which means “DEATH CONTRACT.”
  • After every time span of 98 minutes, a new concept is created in English.
  • “Rhythms” is the longest common word of English without vowels.
  • 90% of everything written in this language contains only thousand words.

English Language

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