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Increasing Importance of CNC Machining in the Automotive Industry

Increasing Importance of CNC Machining in the Automotive Industry

CNC machines have revolutionized the automotive industry. With these machines, a manufacturer can develop hundreds of identical automobile parts with precision and highest of specifications. In the early days of manufacturing and production, the problem of human errors was not a rare thing. However, the same problem has entirely disappeared with the use of computerized numerical controlled machines.

The best part about CNC machines is that they can make things happen without any intervention of humans. Today, computers are programmed in a way in which they can perform same actions repetitively with perfection, and the same task can be repeated and again without the machine getting tired. For instance, these machines have today proved to be the great help in mass-producing and assembling cars. These CNC machines can further be in a rotary, vertical or horizontal style. They are used according to the specific requirement of the manufacturer.

CNC Machining

Automotive Parts Developed Via CNC Machining

Some examples of car parts designed through CNC machining include headlight housings, throttles, pistons, windscreens, door panels, outer body sheets, aluminum wheels and transmission cases. Yes, hardly any automotive part today is handmade. In addition to this, you also need to know that CNC auto components are manufactured in varying technical specifications.

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It is true that the production demands have become challenging to meet, but CNC EDM machines are a great help in this regard. These tools will assist in producing other customized parts for various vehicles including cumbersome and light motor vehicles such as the bicycle, train, truck and even ships & planes. Moreover, CNC automatic lathe is considered to have the highest level of versatility.

Benefits of CNC Machining in the Automotive Industry

Automotive Industry


The first advantage of CNC machining is that it makes the engine parts more precise. Many times, when you do not use your vehicle for a day or two in cold winter months, it does not start the next day. It is simply because of the imprecise engine motor. In fact, the companies relied only on unreliable starter motors 20 years back. However, CNC machining has changed it all. Modern starter motors have become better with this latest technology.

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Earlier, a 2-liter engine used to crank 100 horsepower and these days, it will push to around 200 horsepower. This merely hints at the fact that the CNC machining helps in developing the different parts and the components of the vehicles with much more efficiency and tolerance. A vehicle with CNC machining result in more power and lasts longer.

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Of course, speed is the major factor when it comes to the cars and other automobiles. Increased power through CNC machining has resulted in the better speed of these cars. Better precision, bearing power and mini sizes of these CNC machines have made the cars speedier.

Metal Removal

Automotive industry deals with the removal of excess metal from the raw materials on the daily basis. To make this happen, CNC machines today play a pivotal role. They help in removing extra metal from raw materials so that parts that are more complex can be developed. For instance, gears and shafts undergo metal removal process to gain more strength.
When buying CNC machining for the automotive industry, you need to make sure that you keep the size of the parts in mind. Your CNC machines should be able to handle the minimum and maximum size of the parts you want to produce. Also take into account your rate of production. It would decide if you want a separate CAM program or not.

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