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Impact of Technology on Communication

Impact of Technology on Communication

Impact of Technology on Communication

Technology has both negative and positive effects in our life and communication. The progress in technology improving our lifestyle and way of communication with our friends, family, and fellows. However logically thinking technology has improved our communication as well as have some harmful impacts in our life to make us busier than ever before. Technology has made a positive impact in every aspect of life, including communication techniques. Impact of technology on communication in each century has seen a new addition to the ever-growing list of means of communication. The invention of the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell in the year 1875 was the first technological invention that impacted communication in humans to a massive level. Other great invention like the internet, cell phones etc, have changed the word of communication.

Effects of Technology on Communication

Effects of Technology on Communication

Everything has a positive and negative impact, similar to this the impact of technology on communication process also comes as the mixed bag. Here, we will discuss all impacts of technological elements like telephone, mobile phones, and emails, etc. Internet and mobile are necessary things these days. We all of us feel something missing in our life if anyone of us doesn’t have internet or mobile, are you agree on it?. Everyone’s daily routine in this tech-savvy world start with a good morning message on a mobile app and ends with the good night message on the same app. Other than that, social media sites are the incessant use nowadays and are the virtual world. Mobiles and the internet for communication, use different modes like emails, online chats, video conferencing, teleconferencing, and networking website, etc. Email, social media sites, and mobiles are the most famous means of communication among the current generation.

Pros of Communication Technology

  • Access to Education
  • Development of Business and Public Facilities
  • No Communication Barriers

Internet and technology have transformed from the big and far world into convert into a small global village. Thanks to the advanced technology, it now able us to talk with anybody anytime anywhere in the world. We have some summarized points below to let you know the main benefits of technology.

No Communication Barriers

Technology makes communication so easy. It is helpful when you want to convey something in urgent bases, emails and mobiles come in handy. It has made it easy to keep in touch with old contacts and relationships. Due to tech, we can find date easily due to the chatting and dating sites. Technology is behind the success of long-distance relationships. Social networking and video chatting sites have played the significant role in keeping people in touch.

 Better Development Solutions

Technology made the world smaller and promoted an exchange of thoughts to find the better solution to any problem. Developments in the communication technology have encouraged faster decision-making and led to the evolution and progress of the world. Almost all businesses depend on technology for communication. For example, video calling or conferencing has made world best education possible for student via expert faculty on the web.

The negative effect of technology, the charm of the great old world is missing. The letters and lengthy face-to-face conversation have gone away and replaced by chatting or texting.

Negative Impact of Technology on Interpersonal Communication

Negative Impact of Technology on Interpersonal Communication

The current generation has lack of essential interpersonal skills the ability to let another know about your ideas and the confidence of your communication face to face, the main reasons of this advance tech world where people prefer texting or chatting on social networking sites instead of arranging to get to gather parties or visiting others. This has an effect on nonverbal communication as well. Technology have also bad effects on nonverbal communication.

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Technology Weakens Family Relations

Nowadays many youngsters are hooked with social network websites, they are close to their online friends, but not close to their neighbors even though they don’t know their parent’s friends and family friends due to this tech-savvy world. They are always busy on chatting with different people and their social network friends. Due to this parents child gap increase considerably.

They don’t talk to their children because they are not familiar with the advanced technology, this increase communication gaps, that is not good for family relations. We have seriously focused on socializing with people. Life is too change nowadays, very few social meetings and get-together held these days. Now people are more bothered about their online life then their social life, we have to give attention to meet people by visiting their homes and call them to ask their daily life and help them out when they need.

Unlawful Use and Addiction to Technology

The modern communication technology has led to different problems. People have become addicted to the internet and cell phones they are all time stuck with such technological devices. It has led to many psychological disorders. People addicted to the internet feel lonely and isolated. This tendency has done more harm than good. Many people abuse social networking website due to these harms spread to our society where everyone has enough time to set together and discuss their issue all are busy to chat someone else who did not help him instead lead them to the wrong way.

In short, you can say the advancement in technology is the double-edged sword. Actually, it depends on our usage how we use them and in which time slot we’ll use and means of use, we should use technology for sane purpose and don’t abuse them for malicious motives.

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