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How to Wash a Car by Hand

How to Wash a Car by Hand

Car Wash

Nobody wants to drive a dirty car. Well, at least I will not to. Everything needs to be washed properly to keep them working as human needs it not to get ill. As a car owner, you must have gone through your thoughts to washing your car is no time or finding some quickest ways to remove it.

Well, it is a tough job to wash a car if you are not guided to paint them in an easy way. Some may take it for granted, but it is not like that. Not to mention my experience but yes, you may never want to introduce several scratches on your car due to some carelessness.

If you feel like reading it so that you may find some perfect and easy ways to take care of your car properly, Scroll Down!

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Remove the Dust

Never dust the exterior of your car with a dry cloth. If you just came back home with your dusty, do not be messy to wash it at that particular moment. Take rest and come back again but never dust if off with a dry cloth as you will end up scratching away the paint.

Let Your Car Become Cool

Never wash your car with its increases temperature as it will effect its paint. Also avoid cold water to wash the heat up body of a car as it makes the body of your vehicle to contract, resulting in cracks in the paint. Let it cool down before you wash it. Another thing you need to know is that find a shady place to wash it to keep it on the safer side.

Avoid Home Detergents

Whenever you run out of car shampoo, never opt for some dish washing soap or washing powder. It is dangerous in a way that they rip out the protective covering called Lacquer from the surface of the car resulting in damage to it.

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Do Not Clean it in Different Directions

Car Wash

Obviously, who wants to see scratches on his car. Prefer not to increase them in any case. The best way is not to wipe it in circles while washing it. Do not forget to wash and rinse the sponge properly before wiping off water / soap. Be polite as you own the car. The scratches are pretty annoying, but it does not mean to scratch them more to get away the old ones. You need to be polite enough to safe your car from further damage. Prefer tp wipe it in an up-down direction or contours of the surface but at least not in circles.

Hose Over Bucket

Prefer to use hose rather than a bucket full of water. You must be wondering why? Well, to choose tube is better in a sense that when you use a bucket full of water and a sponge that you dip each time in that same bucket, makes your car lose its paint. The dust you have once cleaned with the sponge goes into the water in the bucket and again stick back to wash causing the car to have scratches.

Windows Down, Everywhere

Car Wash

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Before you start to wash your car, make sure there should not be any leakage in any part of the car like windows and sunroofs. The quick method to cheek is to spray a little water over them to check whether they leak or not. Intentional or not, open windows and sunroofs can make you car smelly as they will let the water get in. All this resulting in the wringing-wet feeling of seats and floor mats causing the terrible damp smell.

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Wash in a Sequence

Focus on a single portion at a time. Clean on the section before moving towards the other. Like if you are cleaning the sides if a door – hose down, soap up and rinse off with water again then move to the other and so on and so forth. Once done with the washing of the entire car, hose it down again. Do prefer the same method and ways as mentioned above.

Polish it Properly

Car Wash

Everybody wants to have a ride in a shiny neat four-wheeled vehicle. Prefer to polish your car once in a span of three months. It functions in a way that when you apply wax or polish to the surface of your vehicle, it merges with the external paint and creates a protective layer. The missing of this protective coating (lacquer) can cause the pain to peel off no matter how old or advanced you car is.

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