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How To Save Money On Hotels

How To Save Money On Hotels

Save Money On Hotels

Save Money On HotelsStaying in a hotel when you’re on vacation doesn’t have to be a cash-burning affair. The prices of hotel rooms often depend on the season, accessibility, amenities, and of course, the name of the brand. Hotels usually jack up prices during peak seasons, and travelers wanting to save are advised against booking rooms during that period.

If you do need to travel during the peak season, there are some things you can do to save money on hotels so you can enjoy your vacation without worrying about the cost of your accommodation.

Set a Cap on Your Budget

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First things first: you should have a clear idea of how much you’re willing to spend on your hotel stay for the duration of the trip. If any fees would make you go over budget, cross out that hotel from your list, because paying for more would ultimately defeat the purpose of saving money. Check hotel room prices online so you can have an idea about the accommodation costs in the town or city you’re planning to visit.

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Do Some Comparative Research Online

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You can find a hotel that meets your needs and fits your budget ahead of time by going online. Many hotel booking websites collect room costs in different hotels and allow you to compare these side by side. Take note that it’s important for you to key in the dates you plan to travel. Additionally, some websites offer coupons for hotel stays, as well as discount codes for family-friendly vacation packages that often include accommodation. Don’t hesitate to explore your options—they’re just a click away.

Call the Hotel Directly

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Don’t be afraid to negotiate with the hotel manager, who may offer to match the discounted rate you’ve found online. You may even be offered a lower rate, especially if you’re sure about your travel dates and the number of people in your party. Don’t forget to verify the total cost of your stay with the manager or reservation personnel and ask about additional fees such as Wi-Fi access, resort fees, and any other charges for amenities to make sure you stay within your budget.

Consider Budget Hotels

Consider Budget Hotels

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Speaking of budget, another way for you to save money during your trip is by staying in budget hotels. They may be small and only have basic room furniture, but they’re surely worth a try, especially if you won’t be staying the whole day in your room anyway. Bed, your toilet, and shower, and perhaps a small table should be enough. Budget hotels may not be listed on the leading booking websites, but more often than not they would have their social media page containing their contact information.

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Ask for Help From Local Tourist Offices

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If you were unsuccessful in booking online for a last-minute trip, try your luck when you get to your destination instead. Local tourist offices would have information on where you can stay on short notice that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, and they can assist you in finding excellent accommodation for a night or two. Similarly, you can only show up at a hotel and ask if they have a free room. There’s a chance a booking was canceled, a guest left a day early, or confusion in the reservation process resulted in the chamber remaining empty, just waiting for you to come and occupy it. Don’t forget to ask for a discount—managers would often give in because it’s better for a room to generate income, no matter how small than not at all.

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