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How to Prevent Chilblains in Cold Winter Temperature

How to Prevent Chilblains in Cold Winter Temperature

Chilblains Scar on Foot in winter season

Chilblains another name is pernio or perniosis are the small types of itchy, painful lumps that develop on the human body skin occurs only in reaction to cold high temperature caused by an abnormal skin reaction and poor circulation of blood vessel problems to cold temperature. It is a very commonly medical condition causing damage your tissue disturbs your foot, heels, hands, nose, and ears, here I’ll explain How to Prevent Chilblains in Cold Winter Temperature.

Chilblains are very common. Although as many people in the UK about 1 to 12 characters to get chilblains at some point in their lives, doctors are not clear in mind why they get them or why some people are more susceptible than others. Chilblains typically last for about seven days and gradually go away over 14 days. They frequently occur in kids and the mature. When skin gets cold, the tiny blood vessels under your skin become thin. Some blood may leak out causing the swelling when your body heats up another time. If you have poor circulation blood vessel problems, it’s a very fair chance to get chilblains.

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Major Symptoms of Chilblains

Chilblains Scar on Foot

In chilblains, you will notice burning and itching in the affected areas. You may get only one chilblain in your skin then often more than a few develop. They may join to become a larger swollen, red area of skin in your body. You will next notice to become blisters in an affected area. Chilblains are very uncomfortable or painful, or even unbearable. They are not permanent and usually, abolish at the end of cold weather.

Chilblains are two types: the first one is chronic, and another one is acute. The chronic chilblains stay for at least five months for at least three years. In chronic chilblains, you may also see some scarring in an affected area. While acute chilblains usually go for at least one to two weeks.

  • Chilblains are very itchy
  • Pain over the chilblains was often developed.
  • In some cases, the skin over a chilblain may become the blister.
  • They are usually red at first then may become purple

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Are Chilblains are Diagnosed

If you have observed these itchy, red swellings on your skin and you have not had them before, you should see GP so he or she can rule out the other serious problem, such as lupus, etc. Chilblains can also recur on your body, and this is normal but if you observe anything different about the bumps or if the bumps become infected to your skin then you should seek medical advice only.

How Can you Treat Chilblains

Chilblains Scar on Figures

No doubt chilblains are uncomfortable and unbearable they are not causing any permanent damage to your skin. They will usually heal on their own

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  • Keep the affected areas warm. This means staying in the hot, or always wearing warm gloves, socks, etc. when you go outside.
  • Smoking can make chilblains worse, If you smoke then you should try to stop
  • Treatment is not required in chilblains, as they usually remove by themselves.
  • Smoking can make chilblains worse, If you smoke then you should try to stop
  • Some of creams and lotions can be used for a treatment of chilblains. However, there is no evidence that any of these are of benefit, so they are therefore not compulsory.

Always seek medical advice straight away as If you have noticed any blisters or if those blisters become infected.

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How Chilblains are Prevented

Reddish Chilblains Scar on foot

Chilblains can be preventable, be sensible when you go outside try to wear warm clothes and gloves in your hands, active to improve your blood circulation and do not use any tight shoes and don’t drink hot drinks to warm the body. Try to quit smoking because smoking damages your blood vessels and make your chilblains worse

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