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How to Look Good In Your Menstrual Period at Workplace

How to Look Good In Your Menstrual Period at Workplace

How to Look Good In Your Menstrual Period at Workplace

It is the time of your month cycle again, and you feel swollen, the mood is more unpredictable than an emotionally electric teenager. You’ve your period, and your first character is to hide away in your room with a hot wrapping and escape doing anything that may source extra stress to your body. Then you follow how to look good in your menstrual period at the workplace or home if you are not doing any job.

Women period is the dread of every month. But, there are not too many reasons to look forward to women period such as cramps, lethargy, PMT, menstrual bleeding, and bloating are not exactly pleasant. All these things don’t make it easy for you to work.

In fact, it is right women lost their confidence and felt uncomfortable during Ovulation Cycle. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the idea of PMS that we constrain ourselves from burden assured things or adoring activities we don’t have naturally secondary during that time of the period. In order to pause that cycle, here are best ideas for you that you can try during your red days.

How to Look Good In Your Menstrual Period at Workplace

1. Eat Well

High Protein Breakfasts

When you are in your period your metabolism needs all the help it can get, so eat regularly and healthy diet. Most suitable diet for women during their period, which have ample quantity of vitamins C, E, and B6 and these you’ll find in fish, nuts, banana, eggs, cranberry juice, chicken, potatoes, citrus fruits, and turkey.

Before and during the women period cycle, you need to eating healthy food it can help you avoid menstrual cramps and bloating stomachs. Some of the foods are not best for women, and you must avoid like alcohol, high salted food, caffeinated and sodium, etc.


Look for recipes with these foods’ ingredients; therefore you can have a great tasting meal with the full quantity of vitamins and minerals that you needed in your period.

2. Drink Lots of Water

Young girl drinking water after exercise.

Drinking water is also the necessary element for our body, but it is more significant during the period. Water is not only best for water retention, but it will avert you from becoming dehydrated and feeling even more exhausted and lethargic.

You probably know the facts of water and also know how drinking sufficient water keeps you active or hydrated all the day. Might be you have practiced how inactive and mucky you feel when you don’t drink plenty water.


Water drinking helps to keep the muscles, glowing skin, and also make your hair beautiful, etc. working professionally but it may also contribute to decreasing menstrual cramps plus bloat.

3. Prepare yourself

Dress properly

If you feel rubbish during the Ovulation Cycle, then treat yourself to do something lovely. Wear nice clothes, buy the chocolate bar, and reading your favorite TV show magazine you enjoy more or make you better. You can also use this time to go to the salon or spa for some alone time.


If you don’t have a chance to go salon or spa, you can also use some homemade skin care tips to make your skin fresh. Apart, if you don’t feel like heading out, have a hot bubble bath, add some essential oils, and listen to some peaceful music to recover your mood.

4. Exercise

Best Exercises during Periods

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Can exercise affect your period? Mostly women are confused about this question and don’t know about it. Yes – exercise can have effects on your period. But, if you do light exercise it doesn’t have any adverse effect.

Exercise is a great and easy way to releasing lethargy, headaches, and anxiety so that you can follow the best exercise for women during the period. Physical activities help you to improve your blood and oxygen flow in all your body as well as your pelvic zone, which may also support with hampering.

If you find your regular regime exercise make you too energetic during your period. And elect for a lower influence workout or actions or decrease your training time.

5. Enjoy Quiet Time

When you are in period and want to go to work, try to squeeze in some enough time. It can be easy and straightforward for a couple of minutes of deep breathing or quiet contemplation at your counter. If you can’t make an excuse to vacation the office, even walking up or down your office stairways can help to provide you a break.

6. Natural Feminine Hygiene

Can Climate Change Affect Your Period

Switching from tampons and pads to an ecological cloth pad and the menstrual cup was a game-changer for me. Women tampons and conventional pads are out, and natural feminine hygiene is in. This is an easy and straightforward way to take care of yourself during the period.

Most ladies are different, and some of us may or may not enjoy doing these things. Some of them may not experience any uneasiness at all. The most important tip is not to let your period limit you into doing things that you want to do. Just make sure you eat healthy food, have good feminine hygiene that is well safe all the day.

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