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How to Fit a Spare Wheel to Your Car

How to Fit a Spare Wheel to Your Car

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Getting a type puncture is one of those motoring and hard problems for everyone that can be happened without any warning in a day or night. Even if you are fully confident enough to have knowledge How to Fit a Spare Wheel to Your Car. It can be set into your journey back and cause avoid you a bit of extra hassle.

But if you cannot keep your extra wheel in your car, it can be more irritating for you during journey, and then you will have to wait for a mechanic to come out to your car and does it repair for you. To change a wheel can save your more time and it can save your money as well. But before we explain you how you can do it, here are some few precautions you should take.

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Avoid Changing a Wheel on the Motorway

It only takes a split second for a many drivers to wipe you out, so always use an emergency number or your mobile to call for a recovery service that can move you to a safe place. This is one of the important motorway breakdown tips.

You should always Use a puncture repair kit if you have one.

Some cars don’t have any spare wheel, but they have a puncture repair kit inside the car and to help you pump the tire up again. Normally, these are provided with full of guidelines, which you should follow if your vehicle is so-equipped.

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Be Careful

Changing a tyre involves increase your car speed quite onto a jack. It’s safe if you are sensible and careful, rather than your car’s manual or to professional help wherever you need it. But if do not, and the Jack falls over while the car on it, it can cause to damage your car and injury to yourself.

Always keep your spare wheel inside the car and ready to use.

If your car gets a puncture, it’s deeply demoralising to find that your spare wheel is worse or flat still, that the rubber is perished and old. So check your spare wheel’s air pressure daily– at least you should do this every couple of days. Also confirm and make sure that you inspect your spare wheel each time, make sure to check that the tyre rubber is in a proper condition for running.

If you still want to know how to change a wheel?

Make sure the car is on the ground level, hard and flat

Always make sure that your car is on the ground level flat and hard, you will first need to make sure that it’s safe to do without the car falling off. Carefully check to see that the car is on a patch of ground level, without any bumps or lumps that might upset the car when the wheels are lifted off the ground. You will also need to check that the ground will support the weight of your car when it is lifted, for example sand or mud, when you try to jack it up then the weight of the car could push the jack into the ground causing then the jack to get stuck under the car.

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Make sure that your car won’t move

While you’re trying to change a wheel then make sure that your car wouldn’t to roll away, and there are some ways to make sure that it doesn’t happen, if you putting the handbrake on.

Key for your car locking wheel nuts

Check you have the key to lock your car wheel if the car is fit with locking wheel nuts, then first thing is that you will need to find out your locking wheel nut key. This will normally be situated in the glove compartment, in one of the pockets side, or near to the spare wheel then you will feel that an unusual pattern that fits into your wheel nut.

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Check the Manual

If you have a user manual car with you, this would be a great help for you. It will inform you where you can get your wheel brace and car’s jack, how to use them properly and carefully, and stand-by the position of the jack in order to lift the car without damaging. Manual checking will also tell you where your spare wheel is situated and how to eliminate it from that particular location.

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