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How To Become A Good Child

How To Become A Good Child

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Being a child is the magnificent and bright part of your life as you are too much innocent, you don’t know about ups and down of life. You have no worries, and you have no any responsibilities. Well, your worries are little like playing or want some toys only nothing more. Your parents are as cool as they want you perfect and successful in your life. Well, parents are the great blessing of Allah great and parents also have some right that should be fulfilled by their children. Let we discuss these point How To Become A Good Child.

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Show you Lots of Love for your Parents

Parents are the great blessing of Allah, and we have to thank full for this blessing. Parents love you too much, and they provide you many types of facilities and struggle very hard only for you. So now it’s your duty that you should show lots of love for your parents. Good night kiss and hug when you are leaving your home and come back home.

Respect your Parents Too Much

Parents Yelling is Wast of Time

You parents are teaching you many things that are necessary for you in your next life. You should respect your parents too much and obey. Sometimes you do not agree with your parent views, don’t argue with your parents infect you have to agree with your parents as you are a kid, and your experience is more little than your parents, they have lots of experience, and they know much butter then you.

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Don’t Fight or Shout on your Parents

You demand many things with your parents, and they provide and fulfill all you basic requirements and wishes but sometimes when you demand anything, your parents say no. If you have this type of situation, then don’t fight or shout on your parents infect you have to understand the problems of your parents.

Follow all the Rules

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To become successful you have to follow some rules that are necessary. Every school, city or home have some rules, and you must have to follow these rules if you want success in your life.

Be a Friend With your Other Sister and Brother

You have your personality and at the same time, there are other people in your home that are very loveable for your parents. Don’t fight with you sister and brother infect if you have little sister and brother than you to care for them; you have to behave like a friend with your brother and sister.

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Go to School Regularly

The study is a most important thing that you get under the supervision of your parents and teacher. You should go to school regularly; you should do your homework and test regularly. You should also respect your teachers too much.

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Don’t use Bad Language or Abuse

I know children fight with each other too much but if you are a healthy child, then you have to leave this and become a child. Don’t shout or use the wrong language for your parents. As these kinds of behavior always lots your good habit and you know as a stubbed and bad child.

Make your Room Clean

A good child always cleans her room very much, and he/ she does not make the room messy. You have to manage everything that relates to you.

Eat Every Type of Meal that your Parents Provide you

Oh, it’s a big problem in every home that many children don’t want to eat many things. Parents make daily new things like vegetable, meat or rice, but you don’t like and don’t want to eat. Infect sometimes when your favorite dish is not ready then you fight and shout on your parents. This type of behavior is not right. Infect you have to eat all kinds of food that your parents provide you.

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