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How to Apply Nail Polish Neatly

How to Apply Nail Polish Neatly

Beautiful Nail Polish

Beautiful hands are the love of every girl. If these beautiful hands have pretty nails, they look even more charming. Who do not want to decor her beautiful nails with different and fantastic nail polishes? Nobody!

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What is a Nail Polish?

Beautiful Nail Polish

Nail Polish is varnish applied to the fingernails or toenails to color them or make them shiny. They are available in different colors and can be implemented in variable ways.

How to Apply Nail Polish?

The problem which most of the girls face commonly regarding applying nail polish, It is not neatly used generally but in the short article, I have mentioned the quick way to apply your nail polish easily. All you need to do is to follow the below noted below:

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1. Favorite Nail Polish

Choose the color of nail you want to apply. Make sure it looks perfect on your skin tone.

2. Implement the Nail Polish

Capricorn Nail Polish

Use your favorite color of nail polish on your nails. Do not worry about it if it goes out of your nail proportions or out on the surrounding skin.

3. Be Patient

Wait until it dries properly. Do make it sure that its dries completely.

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4. Second Coat

Beautiful Nail Polish

Apply another layer of the same color. Follow the same instructions as given in point 2.

5. Transparent Nail Polish

Take a clear / transparent nail polish for smoothing you nail polish. Apply a single coat of it over your nails.

6. Warm Soapy Water

Prepare warm soapy water in a sink or tub, wherever you can. Be easy and see your comfort.

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7. Massage Your Nails

Let your nails get some water absorbed in it. Wash your hands and rub the skin around your nails politely. Gently and softly rub your fingers especially all around your nails with an old cloth, sponge or anything available you can rub your fingers with.

8. Rinse Your Hands

Beautiful Nail Polish

Drain the water and rinse your hands with tap water.

9. Neat Nails With Your Favorite Color

Any nail polish applied on the skin in surrounding of the nail will get drained with the warm water, and you will have neat and tidy nails with your favorite color applied on it.

10. Have Fun

Beautiful Nail Polish

Enjoy your favorite color. Apply cream and wear other accessories like rings and bracelets accordingly to add a little more charm to your nails.

Note Of The Author

I am sure you are going to love it. Follow the instructions and enjoy the beautiful nails your always dreamt of. All the Best!

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