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How to Adapt to the New Life After Marriage

How to Adapt to the New Life After Marriage

Life After Marriage

Every couple ties the knot hoping that they are going to be together forever. Marriage is an incredible phenomenon that brings two uniquely different people together for life. How they meet, become friends, love each other and cannot live without one another is something very fascinating. The hopes, dreams, wishes and the admiration for each other will be very high in the initial days of the wedding. These thoughts should remain in the same kind of genuine relationship; it is necessary that both the people involved should commit their hundred percent into the relationship.

Every relationship begins with two new and strange people. Adjusting and living with a stranger may be difficult, but with mutual love and respect, the newlywed couple can reach their comfort level in no time. A girl will be very independent and free in her maternal home. After marriage, she has to move into a new house, make friends with strangers, live with in- laws and put their orders before her wishes. It can be terrible for the girl. Even the boy may find it strange for a new girl to invade his privacy. He will also make changes in his lifestyle to live with a girl. Although it seems difficult at the beginning of new life, over time the couple does adjust and find comfort in their lives together.

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The Wedding is the special occasion for the couple. So due to an importance of an event, they must celebrate according to their wish. White dress, tuxes, cha-cha slide. After a while, weddings begin to combine.

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Here are some tips for the grooms and brides to adapt to an entirely new life after marriage

  • The start of the married life filled with passion, intimacy, and enjoyment. You both are madly in love and do not see any negativity in each other or the world. But, after the initial feelings fade, you know the real people. It may come as a shock and sometimes become difficult to adjust. But you must realize everyone is human, and there are no perfect people. Everyone has their flaws. If you want a good relationship, you must look beyond flaws and find the real person and love them.
  • Love and accept your partner’s life, family and friends the way they are. Each is different. You cannot expect them to be like you.
  • Respect the customs, beliefs, and celebrations of your spouse and their family. Each family has their ideas, conducts, and rules. You may not find them correct or suitable for you, but you must never talk lightly about them or laugh at it. Mutual understanding is a must in any relationship.
  • Instead of changing your spouse's habits, try to adapt yourself to their lifestyle. After all, they are your soul mates. If you argue, they will become stubborn about their habits. Instead, if you try to adjust, they will soften by the idea of acceptance and will make efforts to quit a bad habit or change it.
  • No matter how small, always appreciate the efforts that your partner is putting in to make you feel happy in the marriage. It is the praising, admiration, and appreciation that keeps a marriage on the right track.

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  • Be mild in sharing your feelings or opinions about your partner. Shouting, crying and arguing when you realize that they had lied is not going to help. Instead, be subtle, talk sweetly but firmly. Tell them you have been hurt and deserve an explanation.
  • Every marriage has problems. Do not just sit there and wish that you had married someone else. Even if you had married someone else, you would have had t put in the same amount of energy to make it work. Hence, use your time to build your relationship instead of thinking otherwise.
  • After marriage, you will have to let go of your selfishness. You are two people now. Whenever you count yourself, you will have to count in your spouse. Be it financial issues or any other household things, both of you must share the works and the benefits equally.
  • Be very communicative. Marriage is a sacred bond that is very intimate. Do not hold back the secret, at least new ones. Talk to your partner about everything, after all; you are best friends for life.
  • You both are married does not mean you should tag along your spouse where ever they go. Give them their space as too much invasion of privacy may become claustrophobic.

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These tips hold good for all new couples irrespective of any community be it Punjabi grooms and brides or any other. The first few months after marriage are tough for every pair. Since the couple will have to adjust not just with each other but with their entire families. It will be the most overwhelming time of your married life. With faith and patience, the couple can build a healthy relationship with everyone and with each other. The couple can use this time to build a strong foundation for their marriage. The transition may take time, but it will happen with a little effort from both the people.

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