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How to Accessorize Your Casual Work Uniform

How to Accessorize Your Casual Work Uniform

Accessorize Your Casual Work Uniform

The whole point of work uniforms is to create an environment where everyone is equal. However, even though you are forced to wear it, it is still possible to make yourself stand out, by personalizing your casual work uniform.

There are various ways to accessorize your job uniform; some have to do with your physical appearance while others belong in the fashion domain. Of course, you first have to consider how you want to present yourself. The way you will accessorize your uniform will mostly be dependent on your sex, so, for instance, women can embellish their outfits with makeup and by getting their fingernails done, while men can get a good looking shirt or a great belt.

1. Jewelry

Necklace layering

A good piece of jewelry can add a beautiful touch to your casual work uniform. If you want people to remember you, you can get a piece with strong, bold lines. Although such a piece is usually sort of difficult to wear, it can be a good conversation starter. Another option is to throw in a kitschy piece of jewelry such as a bracelet or earrings, if they suit you, of course. Also, you can add some precious metals or gems that carry a particular message and are a unique product.

2. Hair

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Naturally, you have to keep your hair clean and healthy so that you can later style it as you wish. Dry hair is unattractive, and it’s hard to personalize it, so you should wash it whenever it becomes greasy, and if you blow dry it, use some protection. When it comes to styling your hair, the options are almost endless. You can make it long, short, up, down, Bob, messy, sleek, straight, curly, etc. Additionally, you can accessorize your hair by using bobby pins, bobbles, clips, slides, Alice bands, bows. It is all up to you and how you desire to look.

3. Personalised Uniform

Personalised Uniform

Surely, you cannot show up at work wearing slippers and swimming shorts, and people will probably think you are an idiot. However, if the uniform policy is not too strict, you can still personalize your outfit. And, if you are an employer, you and your employees can make an agreement on what type of uniforms to wear. So, for example, women can agree to wear some casual dresses while men can wear pants and personalized polo shirts. Casual clothing will for sure create a friendly environment and atmosphere at the workplace.

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4. Accessories

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Both men and women can use some fashion accessories to add some detail to their work uniforms. Men, for instance, can wear a nice belt, an elegant watch or an appealing jacket. Women, on the other hand, have more options. Besides belts, watches, and jackets, their choices extend to shawls, scarves, socks, stockings, bags, etc. Your choices will, of course, be dependent on your preferences and how you want to present yourself.

5. Nails and Makeup

Makeup Mistakes

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Logically, this applies to women only, but, the important thing is that they do not go overboard with their makeup. For instance, a bright lipstick might make you look tacky and distasteful. Also, a moisturizer is a much better choice than foundation, as it looks more natural. Lip color is not necessary, so you can use a non-sticky lipstick to add some pink hue to your lips. You should not use a dark mascara for your eyes, as it can be distracting in a meeting, for instance. Instead, go easy with the mascara and try to define and lengthen your lashes. Taking good care of your nails is a wise idea, which you can do by getting a manicure from time to time.

6. Shoes

Black and brown shoes

Depending on how strict the uniform policy is, men can choose between casual office shoes, boots, and if the policy allows for it, casual sneakers. Slippers are totally unacceptable, as well as sandals. Women’s options range from numerous types of boots to high heels and casual shoes. Open- Toe shoes are probably not a good choice, so flip flops, bows, and similar ones are not acceptable.

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7. Wearing Uniforms Can Be an Upside

Wearing Uniforms Can Be an Upside

Wearing uniforms at work can definitely be fun, and it can come in pretty handy, as you do not have to pick out what to wear every morning. Furthermore, they can be good for business, because clients and customer often link clothing with a brand.

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