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How can I treat my diabetes?

How can I treat my diabetes?

Unfortunately, you are suffering type 2 diabetes. Diabetes is very harmful to your health, as it can damage your kidney, heart attack, blurry vision and many other difficulties. Well, don’t worry from recent research it proves that you can cure your type 2 diabetes with simple and natural methods. You just have to follow a diet plan and change your lifestyle. Well, I will not tell you about how you can treat your type 2 diabetes with medicine I just describe you some natural ways to reverse this dangerous disease.

I have seen many people in my life who are the patient of type 2 diabetes, but when I checked their lifestyle and eating habits, then they are dangerous and unhealthy. In old days, people prefer fresh, healthy and simple food than processed and fast food. And they live long, healthy and active life. Hare, I want to tell you that my grandfather is now 85-year-old, but he still looks very young and healthy also he has any severe disease no. My father, he is just 50-year-old, but he is the patient of type 2 diabetes and blood pressure. I checked the lifestyle and eating habits of both persons then I realize that my grandfather always eats healthy, fresh and simple also he did and still doing many physical activities. He is still very caring about diet as he has not taken any processed and junk food. My father is the patient of diabetes now because his eating habits were not healthy.  Only we can say that fresh, healthy, organic and pure foods make us healthy, and we can fight against the disease. Let we discuss the habits and lifestyle that can reserve your type 2 diabetes.

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Improve the function of liver

If you want to reserve type 2 diabetes, then you should focus on your liver. If your liver is working properly, then you can control your blood sugar level easily. To improve the function of liver you should take the food that can clean your liver naturally like apple, beetroot, lentils, broccoli, lemon, green vegetables like kale, arugula, collards, etc. All these food are full of fiber, potassium, and vitamin C. they are best to clean, your liver.

Your diet and diabetes

Diet plays a significant role in controlling type 2 diabetes. If you follow some diet plan that can reserve diabetes, then you can get a ride from diabetes. Well, simple, healthy habits are defined below.

Take fresh fruits and vegetables

Vegetables and Fruits

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Take complex carbohydrate

A complex carbohydrate is good if you want to treat diabetes as they provide you sustain energy also a rich source of fiber and maintain your blood sugar level. Complex carbohydrate includes Colorful fruits and vegetables, cereals, all types of beans, whole grains, brown rice, sweet potato, etc.

Avoid sugar and processed food

Well, white sugar is not good for you and at the same tame time sugary and can foods are very dangerous for you. From the recent research, it proves that the person who use can and sweet food are the at the high risk of getting type 2 diabetes. Avoid all kinds of soft drinks, sodas, flavored water and energy drinks.

Take healthy fat and protein

Huevos eggs

Always get healthy fat and protein and avoid all types of bad fat especially oil, fast food, animal base fat, etc. instead of you should use plant base food and fat that are rich in protein like egg, milk, lentil, beans, etc.

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Change your lifestyle


If you have changed your eating habits then the second and significant step to treating diabetes is exercise, exercise is important for you, especially aerobic exercise. As when you exercise it will fast your metabolism and speed up you growth hormones. When you metabolism and growth hormones is working correctly then it means your liver is working properly. When your liver is in the right way, then you can control you blood sugar level accurately and live as healthy as before.

Always remain physically active

As you want to stay healthy, then you should remain physically active all the day. It is the key for you if you want to live long and healthy life. If you have no any physical activities in your life, then adopt them like you can play football or cricket.

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At the end I just want to say that if you adopt these healthy eating habits, then your body will resale all toxin naturally, your liver work better, you will lose your weight and, as a result, you will maintain your blood sugar level correctly and finally you will remain healthy and long life. Well, I have tried to give you some natural ways to treat your diabetes. Do comment if you like and adopt these methods. Thank you.

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