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How can I prevent myself from getting diabetes?

How can I prevent myself from getting diabetes?

Safe yourself from Diabetes

Hmm, it’s an important question that how can I prevent myself getting diabetes, whereas 25.8 million people are the patient of diabetes in America.

Diabetes is a common medical condition in which your body is not able to regulate the blood sugar level. It affects all kind all ages of people.

Now I want to prevent myself from getting diabetes, but how it is possible? As I have a history of diabetes also. I read many articles related article and watch many videos and at the end, I understand that the tricks and method that can prevent myself from getting diabetes. These are very simple and easy. If you adopt once then, you will become punctual of these methods

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  • The liver is like football that produces hormones that are called insulin-like growth factors (IGF).
  • IGF get sugar from muscles and liver that mainly stored sugar.
  • Liver maintains the sugar level in the body as it put the sugar into the blood when you are not eating.

From where, the liver gets the sugar

Now you think that from where liver gets the sugar, it’s interesting that the liver produces a hormone that is IGF. IGF get sugar and store in our body, glycogen always helps to save and hold the sugar in the body, And when your body needs glucose then first use the store sugar. Sometimes when your body has not stored sugar, then the liver get the sugar from fat that store in your body.

How can you improve the function of the liver?

If you want to control your blood sugar level or prevent yourself from getting diabetes, then you should improve the function of the liver. When your growth hormone is fast, then your liver producing more IGF and also your aging process is slow down. Now you think that how can you improve the function of the liver? Its very easy and simple.

Fast your growth hormones

If you want to improve the function of the liver, then you should improve the function of growth hormone. As growth hormone trigger the IGF. To fast the growth hormone, you should do this

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Take better sleep

Sleep Well

You should sleep at least 7 to 8 hours in a daily because when you sleep many hormones activated and growth hormone is one of them.

Exercise daily

women doing exercises in the morning

Exercise daily at least 20 to 30 minutes will make your growth hormone faster.

Laugh more

From recent research, it proves that when you laugh you growth hormone increase by 87%. Scientists make a group of people and ask them to watch funny movies. They analyze the production of hormone before and after watching a movie. After watching the movies growth hormone increase.

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Take healthy diet

Fast your metabolism

You should fast your metabolism if your metabolism is fast then aging process is slow, and you will not get so much fat.

  • Always eat fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables.
  • Add whole grain, oatmeal in your diet.
  • Take food that is full of protein like egg, fish, meat, chicken, etc.
  • Exercise daily or you should walk for 20 to 30 minutes.

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Take vitamin D in your diet

Always take lots of vitamin D in your diet. Studies show that little vitamin D can lead you to diabetes soon. So you should take lots of vitamin D food like soy milk, soybeans, beef, egg yolk, fatty fish, etc. wait sunlight is also a big source of vitamin D., so it proves that vitamin D can prevent you from diabetes.

Take potassium in your dietDelicious and healthy overnight oatmeal recipes

Take potassium in your diets as potassium can hold and store the sugar in your body, and then our body used that sugar for another purpose. Rich source of potassium is the banana, potato, sweet potato, fresh beans, milk, chicken, etc. Well potassium also prevents you from diabetes

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In the end, I just want to say that in old days people use organic and fresh food but no we prefer can and packed food. We like junk food that is wrong for us. These things are spoiling our health badly, and every fourth person is the patient of diabetes. But when we use organic, and fresh food also does some physical activates then we can prevent our self from getting diabetes.

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