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How can I look better

How can I look better

Fashion lies within you. You just need to explore it yourself. Each one of you might have a different definition of style. Fashion is style and style is how you carry yourself, this is How can I look better?

Why not a human live up to his/her full potential of appearance?

To be thoughtful about your appearance is all you need to make people appreciate you. Make yourself seem neat/tidy and suddenly you will realize that people are willing to give you a chance even though you are the same human deep inside. I’m not asking you to make your personality adopt a new uniform. I am indeed relating you to look the best you can, whatever your consequences are.

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Beauty tips for How can I look better:

Tips for Basic Grooming:


Coconut Oil For Your Skincare Routine, Perform your normal face


I have mentioned few of the beauty tips for a woman below to maintain her looks and make the others recognize her full worth.

  • Wash your face daily and apply lotion/cream according to your skin tone and season.
  • Use a little lip balm or lip gloss to make your lips look shiny. Also, use a light shade of ‘blush on’ on your cheeks and a little glitter or light colored shade on your eyes when going out. Do apply a little mascara too.
  • Be conscious of your breath. Use mouthwash daily and do not keep your tummy(stomach) empty which causes bad breathe.
  • For smooth skin eat vegetables, fruits and proper intake of water according to the need of your body.
  • Wash your hair daily or in case if you missed it someday, use dry shampoo to avoid the greasy look of your hair.
  • Trim your fingernails and toenails once in a week and remove the dirt out of them daily.
  • Always use talcum powder, deodorant or perfume, whatever is available to keep the sweat away.
  • Pay attention to the little details like keep your ear and feet clean.

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Tips for Primary Dressing:

  • Wear an outfit according to the season to make the others feel comfortable around you. Use light colors (pink, yellow, green and so on) in summers and dark colors (red, purple, orange and so on) in winters. Remember the color you wear should suit your body figure.
  • Wear your outfit only once in a week.
  • Plan outfits for a week with a different/alternative color each day (like pink on Monday and blue on Tuesday and so on).
  • Don’t wear those dresses that are worn out or faded.
  • Properly press your clothes before wearing them so that they should look tidy and presentable.
  • Make sure your dress is properly cleaned and unstained.
  • Don’t make wrong combinations that leave a bad impression on the other (do not wear white socks with black shoes and like this).
  • Do not go for socks with open shoes and sandals.

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Few Ideas for Getting Better Clothes:

20 Best Tips On Dressing For Your Body


To have appropriate clothes is one of the important factors to look appreciable. Few of the general points are mentioned below for your guidance:-

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  • You may have the idea of the ins and outs of fashion. Try to copy it or with slight changes go for them.
  • Go for the shopping and try different things and check what suits you the best.
  • Don’t judge anything until you have tried it once and saw how it looks on you.
  • Only choose those dresses that make you comfortable and increase your confidence.
  • Try to opt for the dresses that are in fashion or if you really cannot go for those styles, go for the colors that are in and bring the clothes to your comfort level.

Tips for Basic Appearance:

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  • Go for a proper haircut according to the face you got. It also includes the extreme length or very short hair. Hair plays a very significant role in making your personality glow in between many.
  • If you wear glasses, opt for a stylish frame that suits your face cut and complexion. It will be better if you go for contacts. They are not that much expensive as your think.
  • If you do not have high or white teeth, find some ways to whitened them if possible.
  • Maintain your figure. Try to eat healthily and nutritious food rather than oily and fatty food. Go for fresh juices to get a long-term outcome in the form of relaxed and glowing skin.
  • Add yoga to your routine or just take deep breaths of fresh air early in the morning as it provides fresh oxygen to your body especially brain.
  • Add activities like rock climbing, dancing and walking and so on which requires physical movement to keep you even fitter. Opt for something you feel comfortable and pleasure.
  • Hold a bag or a clutch to avoid the extreme moments of your arms.

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Your External Reflects Your Internal:

Keep yourself happy, self-assured and confidence because you internal affect your external deeply. You will carry expressions on your face accordingly. If you are peaceful and happy inside, definitely you will look much better, fresh and beautiful than the disturbed. Do not forget to fulfill your sleeping hours of a day to keep yourself clean and healthy. As you are investing on your inner, you are also nourishing your external.

Thank you for reading this article. Hoping that these essential beauty tips will help you to groom. Remember to leave your feedback to let us know that how much it helped you.

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