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How Can I Get Thicker Eyebrows

How Can I Get Thicker Eyebrows

Easy ways to care for your eyebrows

Eyes are the great gift of Allah as eyes reflect our inner beauty and innocence. Like me, many women enhance the beauty of their eyes by using natural ways. But there is no any beauty of eyes without eyebrow as they give eyes more attractive and charming look. Many time women have a beautiful shape of eyes. Some women have thick eyebrows, and some have thin eyebrows.

When I was 16, I have very thick eyebrows, and there is no any proper shape of my eyebrows. When I see other girls have beautiful and elegant eyebrows, then I also want to make my eyebrows neat and pleasant. Then I plucked my eyebrows and then get an excellent and proper shape of my eyebrows. Then I decide that I always give the correct shape of my eyebrows by an expert. Time passes and after some year I notice that my eyebrows look thin now, and they have lost their beauty and eyes are not look so attractive.

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Why are Eyebrows Thin?

Easy ways to care for your eyebrows

  • If we discuss the reasons of thin eyebrows, then there are lots of reason behind this problem.
  • We use many types of products daily, and surely they have chemical based produced that are not good for our skin and eyebrows, and, as a result, we get thin eyebrows with the passage of time.
  • If you have stretched your eyebrows too much very hard many times.
  • Sometimes people always pluck their eyebrows thin, and they pull out many hairs and, as a result, they get thin eyebrows.
  • An unbalanced diet is also causing you to thin eyebrows. When you have not taken proper diet and liked protein and vitamin, then your eyebrows can be thick.
  • In some medical conditions like the use of too much medicine, after delivery also leads you to thin eyebrows for many days and months even.
  • How can you get thicker eyebrows by using home remedies?
  • There are many home remedies that you can follow and get thicker eyebrows easily

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Use of Milk to Get Thick Eyebrows

Take some milk and dip in a cotton ball and apply to your eyebrows before going to bed. Milk will nourish the roots of the hair, and your eyebrows grow faster.

Aloe Vera To Get Thick Eyebrows

Aloe Vera

As Aloe Vera is superb for your skin and hair and me, also have used aloe vera to enhance the beauty of my hair and skin. Just take Aloe Vera leave and take out the pulp, apply this mixture on your eyebrows. The use of eyebrows will give you proper shape and eyebrows and also grows up eyebrows hair faster.

Vitamin E Oil

As vitamin E oil is r the beauty secret for hair and skin by many experts. Vitamin E oil is also superb to thick eyebrows fast. Just take a capsule of vitamin E oil and apply few drops of vitamin E oil on your eyebrows. This simple remedy will grow the hair of eyebrows faster.

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Castor Oil

Castor oil is also very easy and quick remedy that works best to increase the growth of eyebrows. Just apply some castor oil and message for some second before going to bed. You will notice after some days that your eyebrows are looking so beautiful and thick.

Egg Yolk to Get Thicker Eyebrows

Egg yolk also grows up hair faster. Just take egg yolk, beat it properly and apply on your eyebrows with the help of cotton and leave for 15 to 20 minutes. Regular us of egg yolk will give you desired result soon.

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Use of Coconut Or Olive Oil

Banana Honey and Olive oil

Oil is excellent to grow the hair growth faster. Take coconut oil and olive oil, message on your eyebrows before going to bed. You will get thick eyebrows in some weeks after using oil.

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Take Balance Diet

  • Always choose a balanced diet that is full of vitamin and miners like fresh fruits and vegetable, grain, pulses, meat, egg, etc.
  • Choose food that is full of protein like milk, yogurt, cheese, flax seed, soy milk, etc.

Use of Vitamin

You can also take multivitamin tablets to take thick eyebrows quickly.

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