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History of Horoscope

History of Horoscope

History of Horoscope

That’s precisely what I am going to talk about second part of the series — History of Horoscope. If you read our previous article of this series, you know we conversed in —- Astrology, History of Astrology. In case you missed our earlier article, feel free to click back anytime:

And if you read the first part of our series you move forward, however, keep reading!


In our life, we learn about mathematics, science, geography, history, literature, arts and languages, but we do not learn about ourselves (we are not taught to us as individuals). It is very impotent we judge ourselves and other people who live with us. This will help us to guide better-off and more rewarding lives.  In this way, the horoscope can help us.

Horoscopes cannot tell you what happen to you or other people, but it can tell you what type of person you are and what type your future is.  Some psychologists also get help with horoscopes to understand the confusion of individuals.

Horoscope is a Greek word, derived from the Greek word Hora and Scopes and their meaning is “look at hours”. The other common name of the horoscope which is used in English is known as Natal Chart, Astro-Chart, Chart Wheel, Astrological Chart, Celestial chart, etc.

Horoscope is a chart which gives the correct information about a person by using the astronomical data of that person through the exact position of the Moon, Sun, and plants. It varies from person to person as their date of birth, place of birth and time of birth. Different people have their ways of distributing knowledge of horoscopes.

Asish Kumar Das is a Vedic astrologer tells about the horoscope, “He says a horoscope is the picture of the planets during the birth place of any person which differs from person to person, due to the continuous movement of the plants. Astrological analysis of a person being with the preparation of a horoscope which requires exact time, date and place of birth of that concerned person. The technical meaning of a horoscope keeps resemblance with that of the pack of medicine. If we got a package of medicine we find:

  • Manufacturing date
  • Expiry date
  • Composition
  • Batch number
  • Contraindication
  • Indication

A horoscope is also like a STAMP from the manufacturing company of NATURE. For the preparation of a horoscope we need astronomical data, such as these three types of information are required:

  • Place of birth
  • Date of birth
  • Time of birth

By this information, which provides us the exact positions of the plants, which is different from every person. The original and accurate judgment of a horoscope is a job. In reality, we all are a single product from the manufacturing unit of God himself”.

Gloria Star is told about horoscope, “it’s very simple: a horoscope is an astrological chart that is calculated based on the date, time, and birth place. A graph can also be calculated for an event, a question, and even a country symbols are used to represent planets, signs and geometric connections called aspects. In most cases, the horoscope in Western Astrology is drawn on a circular wheel. The astrologer studies your chart and analyzes the patterns and factors which describe your personality and needs. In a sense, a prophet is reading the information contained in your chart”.

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A Horoscope Chart

Today mostly astrologer use a computer to perform the complex calculations concerned with obtaining your horoscope. Past horoscope mathematical formulas now translated into computer programs. However, a certified astrologer knows how to complete these calculations.

Horoscope chart is representing in different ways like as, western, an Indian, Chinese and so on. Whereas one need not rely entirely on one’s horoscope, it does reproduce the usual inclination you have, the lesson you must learn, the problems to be faced and the once to be solved. Horoscopes are available in magazines, newspapers, TV, media books and various websites.

A person’s birth chart is also depending on the time of calendar year that he/she was born in. The year is composed of twelve sections which make up the zodiac. Each chapter of this year is called a sign. These zodiacs are corresponding to the twelve constellations. The stars are changed over time. In the modern world, many stars have been defined again. So now every star in the sky is inaccurately one constellation.

In 1929, the International Astronomical Union adopted official constellation borders that distinct the 88 official constellations that survive today. Another important point in this chart would be the houses that hold the sun. Those houses are a critical area to be scrutinized when doing a horoscope chart.  Ascendant sign or Rising sign is one of the famous sign from where the numbering of the houses starts. The plants, the zodiac sign the aspects and the houses are four major elements in the chart.

The first item the plants show the active powers of the person, the second one the zodiac sign show the characteristics of the event. The third one the aspects show why something is happening and fourth the houses show where it is going on.

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12 Houses of the Horoscope

  1. First house is Aries: self-image
  2. Second house is Taurus: Self worth and money
  3. Third house is Gemini: Communication
  4. Fourth house is Cancer: Family, Home, and Security
  5. Fifth house is Leo: Self Expression and Romance
  6. Sixth house is Virgo: Health and Work
  7. Seventh House is Libra: Partnership and Marriage
  8. Eighth House is Scorpio: Transformation and Sexuality
  9. Ninth House is Sagittarius: Higher Learner
  10. Tenth House is Capricorn: Reputation, Responsibility, and Career
  11. Eleventh House is Aquarius: your Ideals of Life
  12. Twelfth House is Pisces: Soul Growth

History of Horoscope

Astrology is one of the most ancient arts and studies of plants. It shows the effect of the moments of the plants in our lives. Astrology is a Greek word which comes from the Greek word “astrologic” that means “study of the stars.” The man has used different ways of astrology for over 5000 years ago. At that time, people of royal status had their own life in personal astrologers. History tells us these astrologers had double roles of scholars and priests. An astrology person was used by the Chaldeans who lived in Babylon as early as 3000 BC. Other area people like to China in Asia later become interested and practicing astrology.

Astrology and horoscope began with the antiques Greeks some thousands of years ago. They confidence that the situation of the planets and sun had an effect on a person’s life and also its future events would occur to them can be estimated based on their location. The ancient Greeks during the birth of every individual’s life based on constellations in the sky that had been predetermined. In the year of 500 BC, philosopher Plato used astrology and studies it further. It kept him alive, and it continues to spread through the ages. Galileo Galilei 1500 established the first astronomer to use a telescope, when, however, it took a crisis.

It all started back in ancient times when people determine the best time for the cultivation of their crops through the study of the intense sun, the moon’s manifestation. The senior citizens trusted that every person’s life was prearranged based on the constellations in the sky through that person’s birth.

During the middle ages, horoscopes were also seen as taboo, where Christianity became the principal of the system. A British astronomer, William Lily deemed horoscope wasn’t “Christian astrology” in 17 century, and then people more believed on the horoscope. Conceivably horoscopes have become so famous in modern day because of their unbelievable significance in the past. This was influential in popularizing astrology and horoscopes of today.

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Be sure to read out the previous article related to History of Astrology at It has a lot of useful information related to your knowledge of how you can improve your information of Astrology.

You check back soon for the next part of this series. We shall talk all about the 12 Horoscope Houses in our next part. In the intervening time, be certain to let me know your favorite lines in the comments below.

What is Next?

I know you got a lot of knowledge and information in this article and curious about what would be the next article, so keep in touch, I assure you get more information in the next article there is a lot of prediction of 12 Horoscope Houses. I hope you will enjoy the next part of this series, so let’s begin without wasting your time.

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