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History of cricket world Cup

History of cricket world Cup

History of cricket world Cup

A brief history of cricket world cup rompers. When was this tournament started? How many numbers of teams were played very firstly? And which team had been won World Cup? All and everything related to cricket world cup will be mention here, and you will get more information after reading out this series of articles. Don’t even miss a single article it’s a connective series of articles. I’m hoping that you will like this series.

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A Short History

Cricket World Cup History

The primary effort at any world title fight was in 1912 when just a three means series was prearranged among the existing Test playing nations, Australia, South Africa and England. Persistent by bad weather, the testing was crashed and not replicated until 1975, when, following the achievements of domestic one-day contests, only the six Teams: countries (England, New Zealand, Australia, West Indies, Pakistan, and India) were connected by East Africa and Sri Lanka in the primary World Cup in England. A booming victory, the competition was recurring in 1979 and 1983 in England, previous to moving out of the country, upholding a four-year cycle. The 2007 World Cup, seized in the Caribbean for the former time, was criticizing by many for its long set-up and poor administration. The 2011 World Cup came back to the subcontinent later than 15 years and the competition was a success, marker by the concert of the congregation nations and minor teams like Ireland. The next version will be organized in New Zeeland and Australia in 2015.

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1st World Cup

Total Teams :8
New Teams: East Africa and Sri Lanka (not a Test nation until 1982)

Cricket World Cup History


Two succeed groups of four, playing both other one time in 60 over matches; top two in every group steps forward to semi-finals; Total 15 matches in all.


Not numerous, separately from the idea itself. The majority teams still delicacy the contests as if they were shortened Tests particularly India, who play just for a draw in the initial game, countering to England’s 334 for 4 with 132 for 3. Sunil Gavaskar made runs through his bat in the 60 overs for 36addednot out an appalled viewer discarded his lunch at the opener’s feet.

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Premature Running

Cricket World Cup History

England romper their grouping playoffs – the tightest was an 80 run success more than New Zealand. Favorites West Indies almost came unstuck next to Pakistan, but last Andy Roberts put Deryck Murray on 64 to succeed. They then beat Australia by 7 wickets at The Oval, where Alvin Kallicharran’s 78 incorporated a brilliant assault on Dennis Lillee. Glenn Turner hit two masses for NZ, as well as 171 not out vs. East Africa.

The Final

It was average summer day’s (June 21), and Lord’s wanted all the available daylight to fill up the match in. It ultimately ended at 8.42pm. After Roy Fredericks crushed on his wicket when he keen Lillee out of the position, Clive Lloyd obtained the fight in unforgettable style, chopped 12 fours and two sixes in his inning(102), and the ultimately 291 for 8 seemed moreover burning for Australia. The early on batsmen kept trying rapid runs to Viv Richards; he kept running them out. At 233 for 9, it looked over, but the last couple Jeff Thomson and Lillee creped the Aussies to within 18 of success earlier than the 5th run-out broken the excitement.The semis Finals Headingley gives out up a fluctuation, seaming heaven for England – but it was girthy Gary Gilmour who did the harm as England stumbled for 93. Australia was spooling at 39 for 6 they previous to Gilmour connected Doug Walters and got them home. West Indies effortlessness past New Zeeland at The Oval with 19.5 overs to extra, thanks to one more luminous innings from Kalli where he made (72).

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The Last Hooray

Cricket World Cup History

Just Thomson, Lillie, and Marsh of this huge Australian face polished one more World Cup. Stylish West Indian Rohan Kanhai curved out of intercontinental cricket with a deliberate 55 in the final; he aided the charging Lloyd made 149. Kanhai was a not on time squad substitute following Garry Sobers cried off wounded. For the England, the Knott, Greig, Packer bound amiss, and Snow took part only World Cup, and the captain Mike Denness previous only one extra Test.

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The First Hooray

ODI itself, the five days match had a clash on its hands following the primary “celebration of cricket” lit up the thoughts. And the best players, Javed Miandad, only 18, completed his international first appearance and had Clive Lloyd fixed last at Edgbaston. Exclusively, he was also to participate in the subsequently 5 World Cups. Imran Khan Pakistani captain got time off from captaining Oxford to take part in the primary of his five. Six of the West Indians also participated in the other final.

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In the next article, we have briefly described on the World Cup 1979.

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