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Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits and Uses

Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits and Uses

Salt Decoration Piece

What is Ion?

Now I will tell you very amazing thing that ion. You know what negative ionization is? Ionize are the vitamins of the air. Many natural things like:
• Sea
• Forest
• After a storm
• Waterfall
On the top of the mountain, there are a lot of negative ions
. Negative ions make the
• Air clean and fresh
• Healthy for human beings
• Reduces allergy
• Bacteria of pet animals
These negative ions are excellent for our health and fitness. Negative ions can produce with a source of energy like in a very:
• High temperature
• Fire
• Radio-activity
• Frictio0
• Evaporation
• Glowing hot object
Negative ion is producing naturally especially after a storm. The wind and storm clean the air naturally. A significant source is also falling water from high.
Crystal salt that is in his natural form produces negative ions for human beings, but when we add a light inside the salt crystal, then it produces more and more negative ions in a high rate that become more useful for us. Negative ions are essential in places like artificial places, air-conditioned rooms, and polluted area.

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Salt Decoration Piece

Rock Salt Lamp

You know the ability of men introduced a beautiful crystal salt lamp for us. Crystal salt lamp is entirely made from crystal salt, and light is inserted inside the fire. A wooden base and wire are also connected with light. It is known as rock salt lamp. Let me explain Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits.

Why should we Use Salt Lamp?

We are living in a fast and electronic environment. Our different work relates to electronic machines. These machines make our life easier in our offices, homes and working places but the bad thing is that these electronic machines produce positive ions that are very dangerous for human beings. EMF is very hazardous to our health. There is pollution in our environment nowadays. These positive ions also effect on our moods and fitness. We use many electronic things like
Computer monitor
• Vacuum cleaner
• Microwave oven
• Electric heater
• Dryer
• Refrigerator
You can use the ionizer to freshen your room, but these are expensive and difficult to use, but the salt lamps are economical.

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What is Crystal Salt Lamp?

Crystal salt lamps are known as salt lamp commonly. They are made from natural salt that comes from mines. The manufacturer takes out salt from mines and then makes lamps from them by forming different shapes from them.

Production of Salt Lamps

These lights are made with hands, and some machines are used to create them in a proper way. In this simple way, a beautiful, mind blowing and attractive crystal lamp are ready for us. The salt lamps are available in different and beautiful colors like off white, apricot and warm pink. A small light is inserted into the lamps that enlighten the lamp and make it friendly. Then the lamp produces negative ions and gives us light.
Ions are also called the vitamins of the air on which our body cell builds and make the air fresh and clean. Nowadays, we are living a polluted and mechanized life. Salt lamps play a significant role in making the air fresh.

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Salt Bunny

Designing of Salt Lamps

Himayalian salts are producing many salt lamps of different sizes and shapes that are:
Hand craves salt lamp
Himayalian salt helps to create at least 300 forms of lamps that are hand craved. Enjoy the mind-blowing beauty of salt. These lamps are available in these shapes like full moon shaped lamp, cylinder shaped salt lamp, lotus flower shaped salt lamp, flame shaped salt lamp, bowl-shaped lamp, diamond shaped salt lamp, bear shaped salt lamp, dinosaur shaped salt lamp, elephant shaped salt lamp, monkey shaped salt lamp, cat shaped salt lamp, etc.These salt lamps are also available with religious crafts like ALLAH Almighty salt lamp, praying hand shaped salt lamp and spiritual salt lamp like church salt lamp, cross salt lamp, etc.

Salt Basket

Himayalian Salt Basket Lamp

Himayalian salt is providing us beautiful baskets of salt. The basket is made from salt wood or metal that is filled up with pure Himayalian salt. These beautiful baskets give you mind blowing and attractive light. You can use it in your office, house or anywhere quickly.

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Rock Salt Lamp

Rock salt lamp looks beautiful, gorgeous and makes the area pretty where they are placed. It makes your room decorated. It dims light create a very romantic and soothing environment. If the light is switched off and on, it looks a unique piece of art.

Life of Crystal Salt Lamp

The lamp has a long life, but the light that is used inside the lamp need to be replaced time to time. You can purchase the light quickly from the shop.

Where Can We Use Salt Lamps?

We can put salt lamps can be utilized anywhere quickly. It changes the atmosphere very quickly and makes your mood fresh and happy. Nowadays, there is a lot of equipment in our office that produces EMF in high rate. Salt lamps in offices produce negative ions that make you fresh and overcome the stress of work and artificial environment.

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Salt Lamp for Computer

We can use crystal lamp with our computer. It is a small size lamp that has USB that can connect to computer easily. This USB lamp control EMF (electromagnetic pollution) that is emitted from a computer. It also relaxes you and help to improve your concentration

Salt Lamp for House

We can use crystal lamp in our house anywhere like in
Drawing room
Living room
• Halls
• Guest room
• Dining room
To create fresh, fabulous and mind blowing environment, use these lamps.The negative ions that are produced by salt lamp will control:
• Bacteria
• Dust
• Allergy
• Cold
• Provide you a better sleep

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Reduce the Bacteria of Pet Animal Like Dog and Cat

A patient is suffering from asthma for many years, but when he uses the salt lamp in her living room, her problem resolves so you can say that salt lamps are the perfect piece of beauty and good for your health.

See Also

Himalayan Salt Lamp Kitchen

Use of Salt Lamps in Kitchen

We use many types of equipment in our kitchen that generates negative ions like the refrigerator, oven, etc. If we use salt crystal lamps in our kitchen, then it will create the fresh environment and reduce the stress of work.

Use of Salt Lamp in Study Room

Use of salt lamps in study room is better and good. When the lamp enlightens then its mind blowing light give you soothing effect also boost your mood and improve your concentration all the time.

Use of Salt Lamps in Baby Room

We can use it in baby room to provide your child a healthy and fresh atmosphere. Salt lamps provide your child a safe, calm and clean environment, and he/she avails comfortable sleep all the night. Salt lamps also prevent your baby from illness and some disease like flu and any allergy.
Here, I want to share an experience of my friend with you. She has a little daughter, but she has some allergy problem from many days. Treatments are giving perfect result then I suggest him to use Salt lamp in her daughter room. After three days he was euphoric because her daughter lost the entire allergy and she is recovering in a good way.

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Use of Salt Lamp in Offices

We can use it our office to remain fresh all the time. There are many computers and other machines in the office to complete our many responsibilities. But the sad thing is that they create positive ion for us that are not good for us. But if we use Salt lamp in our office then it will produce negative ion for us. Make our atmosphere fresh, clean and healthy. We concentrate on our work in a good way also reduce your stress.

Salt Therapy Room

Use of Salt Lamp for Massage Room

We can use salt crystal lamp in a massage room that creates natural environment, negative ion and calm you in a right way.

Use of Salt Lamp in Hospital

We can use Salt lamp in our clinic or hospital to create fresh and tension free atmosphere. It generates negative ion that is useful for patients and you. It also will control many problems like allergy and stress. Health benefits of salt lamps In America and Australia salt lamps are using to cure many diseases. Also using in many massage therapy and yoga exercise to solve many problems like
• It cures your disease soon when you are using.
• Salt lamps can control asthma and its attack. It’s an excellent gift for the asthma patient.
• Salt lamps can control skin disease like allergy, rashes, skin cancer, etc.
• Salt lamps prove you a favorable environment, and you experience very sweet sleep.
• Salt lamps control morning sickness and give you energy.
• Salt lamps clean the air, control electromagnetic frequency and provide fresher atmosphere.
• Salt lamps manage autism disease among children.
• Salt lamps reduce your stress and mental tension.
• Salt lamps provide you the warm feeling in winters.
• Salt lamps also use in color therapy and chromotherapy.

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By the above discussion, we can conclude that salt lamp is the imperative thing for our life, we can use in our houses, office, and many workplaces to improve health.I hope you like this article.Please, try salt lamps in your lives as well.
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