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Highest Paid TV Actress 2017

Highest Paid TV Actress 2017

Highest Paid TV Actress 2017

If you’re TV lover, then you must know all actresses who are highest paid TV actresses mentioned in this list. So let us try to see the number of highest paid TV actress 2017. Actors and actresses are the most famous personalities of the film industry or TV. You can also see the list of highest paid TV actors which are your most favorite too. The same factor applies to the highest earning actors or actresses. Below is the list of the top absolute best-paid television actresses and also must be quite good. Different notable TV stars, including Quantico’s Priyanka Chopra, Modern Family’s Julie Bowen, and Castle’s Stana Katic were capable of cracking the list with their sizeable paychecks. But most famous Hollywood names which earned the biggest amount over the period?. There is a look at the highest-paid TV actresses 2017 in the world.

List of Highest Paid TV Actress 2017

1- Sofia Vergara – Income per Episode: $1.2 million


Sofia Vergara is the queen of the TV world. She is a Modern Family actress how has topped Forbes list of highest paid Hollywood Actresses with $43 million in earnings. Sofia makes her most of money outside of TV show. She supplements her annual salary with a slew of lucrative endorsements for all from a Rooms to go Furniture to a coffee maker to Head & Shoulder shampoo.

2- Mariska Hargitay – Income per Episode: $1 million

Mariska Hargitay Highest Paid TV Actress 2017

With $13 million earning Mariska got the 2nd position in this list of highly paid TV actresses. She is still in 2nd position for the final two years. She plays a role in drama Law & Order: Special Victims Unit that used to be for its 16th season.

3- Kaley Cuoco – income per Episode: $350,00 million

Kaley Cuoco Highest Paid TV Actress 2017

The Highest rated comedy on TV is The Big Bang Theory, so it is no surprise for us that the cast earns big paychecks. She has the fundamental personality in TV series. She is solely 28 year and has made a satisfactory name for herself through her performing skills. Kaley is doing fairly good earning dollar 11 million and $350,000/episode.

4- Ellen Pompeo – Income per Episode: $350,000

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She is the most celebrity of the TV show called Gray’s Anatomy the place she plays Meredith Gray. The popularity of Ellen due to the success of the series. Her net worth is $30 million which is continuously rising. She is also a part of the Hottest Actresses in the world.

5- Cobie Smulders – Income per Episode: $340,000

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She is a big personality of the film industry, and you would be aware of Cobie as Mariah Hill. If you are TV lovers, then you already know her from CBS comedy How I Met your Mother. In this TV show, she performed Robin Scherbatsky a function that bought her about $340,000 million/episode.

6- Alyson Hannigan – Income per Episode: $340,000

Alyson Hannigan Highest Paid TV Actress 2017

Alyson is a famous personality and a best possible-paid TV actress. She has estimated net worth at $18 million and also seen her in every movie that was the young woman. Amongst her astronomic roles are those in movies like American Pie and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

7- Amy Poehler – Income per Episode: $320,000

Amy Poehler Highest Paid TV Actress 2017

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Apart from her work as a good-hearted actress or cast member of Saturday Night Live. From the show Parks & Recreation, Amy has earned a total of $4.5 million. Further, she also got many awards with a Teen Choice Award, Daytime Emmy, Golden Globe Award, Critic’s Choice TV Award and much more.

8- Julianna Margulies – Income: $22 million

Julianna Margulies stars as Alicia Florrick on the CBS drama "The Good Wife" on the CBS Television Network. Photo Credit: Justin Stephens/CBS © 2011 CBS Broadcasting Inc, All Rights Reserved.

She is wonderful and also awards winning actress that got Emmy and Golden Globe Award. Julianna famous due to her work on the noted show the Good Wife. She is too wealthy and robust that she will be capable of manipulating to refuse a $27 million contract.

9- Mindy Kaling – Income per Episode: $150,000

Beautiful Hairstyle

She is also best-paid TV artistes with a big amount of earning. The best massive leap forward was the TV show The Mindy Project.

10- Kerry Washington – Income per Episode: $150,000

Kerry Washington at Met Gala

She is very famous and popular due to her hit ABC Scandal. Kerry awards comprise a NAACP Image Award for Best Actress. She has been honored with a spot on President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities. Kerry got the President’s Award for her Civil rights service.

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