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Highest Paid Television Actors Per Episode

Highest Paid Television Actors Per Episode

Highest Paid Television Actors Per Episode

If you thought movie actors are made bank, so let see how much TV actors are getting paid on an episode-to-episode basis. The cast of Hollywood actors are different, blew everyone away when they got together to negotiate one million dollars cast per episode. They did not manage them to reach an astronomical number, and they also did it together. Supposed the highest paid actor started their first season by making $20,000 each.

It was a feat for Television actors for sure, but strictly thirteen years later, ‘The Big Bang Theory’ cast has picked up where Ross, Phoebe, Joe, Monica, Rachel, and Chandler left off. The three major TV actors of the CBS sitcom, Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, and Kaley Cuoco started one season earning $60,000/episode. As the Television seasons went by the cast attained above and fast-forward to season eight and the threesome got together to talk terms a Friends-sized salary – $1 million per episode.

The numbers presented here are judgments based on comprehensive research to discover talent paydays in the most popular seasons of particular series. In some circumstances, those numbers combine back-end fees.

That encouraged us to think about the other TV actors who actually attain a big amount in their shows heyday. You might be surprised by the ranking that is in order from low expensive to high expensive.

These characters do not reflect benefits that many actors and characters realize from other projects, licensing and merchandising and business investments.

10- Ashton Kutcher:

Kutcher Highest Paid Television Actors Per Episode

Later on, Charlies Sheen was discharged from T0w and a Half Men, Kutcher gets $755,000/ episode. Kutcher worked with Walden Schmidt in 84 episodes.

9- Michael C. Hall:

The Dexter star charged $755,000/ in every episode. He works as a serial Killer hunting the wrong.

8- Galecki, Cuoco, and Parsons:

They have high a hit at $1 million in every episode. They have besides patterned jointly to helpfulness co-stars Melissa Rauch and Mayim Bialik reach close together $500,000 cost per episode for their 48-episode agreement over the next two season.

7- Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Courteney Cox, David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston:

Lisa Kudrow Highest Paid Television Actors Per Episode

They had gotten 5,000% rise from the start of the series to the final season when everyone took home $1 million per episode.

6- Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser:

These two actors get $1 million each episode for Mad About You.

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5- Jerry Seinfeld:

Seinfeld star reportedly turned down a $5 million every episode payday to carry on the series, later on, he wanted to end it. Just he did not miss out on more because he still took home $1 million each episode.

4- Tim Allen:

Tim Allen Highest Paid Television Actors

Starring as a new dayMr. Fix It, Allen earned just about $1.6 million every episode for Home Improvement.

3- Grammer:

Each favorite TV psychiatrist received $1.6 million every episode of Frasier.

2- Ray Romano:

The comedian-turned-actors sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond salaried him $1.8 million each episode.

1- Charlie Sheen:

The Two and A Half Men alum was the highest salary actor in TV between his reign. Charli Sheen earned $1.8 million each episode final season. And so took home $2 million every episode of Anger Management, later on, passed its 100th episode.

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