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Fitness, Health and Care

Antioxidants and Exercise: Food for Thought

Much deliberation surrounds the question about how well the body’s natural defense system can combat the free radicals that are released during exercise.  For that reason, many athletes and bodybuilders–along with their trainers–question the use of antioxidants as a means of warding off that 4-5%…

Fitness, Health and Care

Six Bad Running Habits and How to Break Them

Running is one of the most beneficial activities for person’s health and fitness. It helps people stay in shape, maintain lean figure and stay healthy. However, many runners do not adhere to the essential principles of running, but instead have some bad habits that can…


Few Benefits of a Physio Ball and Tips to Buy These Balls!

There are lots of therapists that are utilizing physio ball in their health center these days. For the major reason that they can help their patients to perform relaxing exercises for enhancing stability and flexibility of muscles. These balls are not only used by the…

Fitness, Health and Care, Sports

A Daily Fitness Regime with Bingo!

Does your area of passion revolve around fashion, health, and lifestyle? Do you love to induce a string of modernity in your health routine and the lifestyle you lead? Well, most of the folks like to lead a healthy and stylish lifestyle in spite of…