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Everything You Need to Know About Jasmine Oil

Indigenous to the tropical and subtropical regions of Oceania, Australasia, and Eurasia, Jasmine has gotten its name from the Persian word “Yasmin.” If we look back into the history, it was well-known recognized among Chinese, Indians, and Arabians owing to its medicinal values. Later on,…

Health and Care, Skin Care

Top 5 Shaving Hacks You Should Know

The horrors of removing hair are known to every woman who found them a threat to her beauty and used wax, tweezers, shavers, creams to get rid of them. A salon treatment is surely a relaxing thought, but our busy schedules don’t usually humor the…

Health and Care, Skin Care

Top Best Blackhead Remover Tools

Skin is the largest organ of our body. I know it’s a cliché, but somehow the common phrase is important in our lives. Acne or blemishes that we always make sure we build on our mirrors or cameras are not worth looking at the mirror….