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A handbag also known as purse or pouch is found in medium to large size that is mostly designed according to the fashion trends. They are typically used by women to hold personal items such as cash, documents, cell phone, cosmetics, food and others she requires and wants to carry along.

Men Summer Bags

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Handbags exist in different styles in different cultures around the globe. People have been trying their hard in thinking of new ways to use different materials in the production of unique and stylish bags. The term “handbag” appeared in the early 1900’s. At that time, it was mostly related to men’s hand carry. Women’s accessory bags grew larger and more complex during that period, and this term began to be known as a women’s accessory.

Purse, Handbag or Pouch

The term “purse” originally is referred to a handy small bag for placing coins in. It I still used for this purpose in few places of the world. On the other hand, a “handbag” is a larger item in the size that can carry items beyond currency such as a woman’s personal and other items. Bags are used as fashion accessories as well as functional ones.

Modern Origin

The Industrial Revolution in England became the cause of new purse, clutch, pouch or handbag. These bags were made of soft fabric/leather and was equally used by both the genders. They were mostly accustomed to the coins. Girls were taught embroidery in the 17th century which also helped them to come up with more beautiful bags. At the end of the 18th century, fashion, especially in Europe, started to move into new dimensions. Women started demanding for tidy purses that are also handy (light in weight). Men, however, did not opt for the trend that came in instead they used bags and pockets that in later years became popular in men’s trousers.

Some handbags tips that all ladies should remember

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New Trends

Having the perfect handbag can make your day or night perfect to enjoy.  The right bag is not only stylish and fashionable but practical and accurate enough to carry what your need is at that time. It is not always easy finding the handbag that suits your need and unique sense of style.

For nights out when you do not want to carry around a large purse then consider the selection of smaller bags and clutches that afford plenty of space for your cash, credit cards, cell phone, and lip-gloss. You will find the most stylish and durable bags made out of the finest of materials such as leather, suede, and even woven wool fabric nowadays.  So if you are willing to opt for the perfect handbag, take the time out of your busy routine today and go through the full range of trendy bags available in the market. Chances are as you will find at least one that you instantly fall in love with and must have. All the best!

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Lose you Luggage


Some handbags tips that all ladies should remember

For a little guidance, I have added this portion of content to help you carry the perfect weight of luggage in a perfect way without feeling it a burden.

  • Do not put heavy devices in your bag that increases weight.
  • Go for a thick striped bag to balance/divide the weight.
  • Clean your purse daily and only keep those things that are needed.
  • Keep on switching your bag from on shoulder to the other to avoid stress.
  • Give a break to yourself if you have a long journey to let your muscles get relaxed.
  • If you have to carry any large device daily, prefer wheeled bag.

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