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Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

What are Hair Extensions?

Extensions are a bunch of artificial or real hair which you usually put in your hair to increase its volume. Extensions act as a quick fix and they look pretty fabulous as well.

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Tips for Healthy and Smooth Hair

  • Before I move towards my actual topic, I just wanted to share few information related to hair growth and health.
  • Keep your hair clean to avoid your pores to excrete excessive oil.
  • Do not stick to a single shampoo product / company. Try to change according to your hair.
  • Try to oil your hair every week or at least once in two weeks.
  • Try to avoid excessive use of chemicals on your hair. They damage your hair badly. You may face hair fall or lose your hair
  • Prefer to trim your hair up to one inch every month to help them keep growing.
  • Brush your hair properly twice a day to avoid hair fall. (Morning-Night)

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Hair Extensions

Nowadays, extensions are getting popular among women. In some cases, it is even getting a necessity because of the increased hair loss and damage. Many different types of extensions usually confuse a woman who to opt for. In my article, I have tried my level best to make this problem easier for you to use to change and enjoy your new look. Hope it is helpful!
There is a huge range of hair extensions that exist in the market at the moment. The different kinds of hair extensions are mentioned below:

  • Clip in hair extensions
  • Weave hair extensions
  • Tape hair extensions
  • Micro link hair extensions
  • Pre-bonded hair extensions
  • Process of Using Extensions

Extensions are different from each other in their style and methodology of applying them. Every extension has its style of using, and that process needs to be followed for better results. Due to the different functions of extensions, they are distinct in its application process. The application may be by using a hair glue of the weaving process.

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Are Extensions Dangerous for Natural Hair?

Extensions for Hair

It is very common that everything has its positive and adverse outcomes, however, different people react in a different way. Similarly, extensions carry the risk of damage, but everyone is different in its reaction towards it. The results are not particular for being right or wrong. The outcomes hugely depend on the type you get, its quality, who applies it and importantly how you maintain them. Due to all these reasons, it is suggested to consult aa professional. Weaving is damaging but harder to manage.

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How Long do Hair Extensions Last?

Well again, the outcome and the life of the extensions last depends upon on the type you get, its quality, who applies it and importantly how you maintain them. If cared properly and after a gentle treatment, real hair extensions can be continued for at least three years. Select products do exist for the extensions to last for a longer span, but it depends on you to find the best suits for yourself.

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Advice to the Readers Who Wants to Get Extensions

Extensions for Hair

Choose extension according to your requirement as different extensions are used for the different purpose such as to add volume, to add length, to add thickness, to better your texture or a way to color your temporarily without damaging it. Try to aim for a natural look as extensions as they come out fake as well. Professionals prefer to use 100% real hair extensions that our made according to your requirements.

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Clip-In Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are temporary. They can be placed and removed according to the mood and need.

Microlink Hair Extensions

Microlink hair extensions use a small bead / link which is looped through the natural hair and clamped in place using pliers.

Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions

Pre-bonded hair extensions use strands of hair that are already joined with an adhesive. They are attached to the natural hair by softening the preexisting glue.

Tape Hair Extensions

Extensions for Hair

Tape hair extensions are exactly what they sound like. They are applied to the natural hair using adhesive tape.

Weave Hair Extensions

Weave hair extensions use your natural braided part to add the extension by weaving / braiding it into the existing hair.

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