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Gymnastics Moves


Gymnastics is a sport or exercise for an athletics who practice it for the best growth and development of their body. These activities are performed with the help of different tools and items life rings, pommel horse, bars and balance beam


Gymnastics was practiced in Egyptian and Chinese ancient times, but its roots belongs to Greece. Gymnastics is the derivation of the Greek-Latin word “gymnazein” means “to train naked” (gymnos: naked). In old times of Greece, gymnastics were practiced by them in preparation for wars and fightings. Jumping, running, discus throwing, wrestling, and boxing were the leading practices which helped them to produce robust and healthy bodies. With the passage of time, these different acts of gymnastics became an essential component of ancient education.


Gymnastics Kids Moves

Gymnasia is an opened-air building within schools and institutions where youths learned mathematics, rhetoric, music and gymnastics. Nowadays, gymnasia are also commonly used for regular exercises and health fitness.

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How it became the sport?

The Olympics Games that started back in Greece did gymnastics become a part of this kind of festivals, and this continues from 776 BC to 393 BC after every four years.

Until 18th and 19th-century Greek-styled gymnastics declined, after the end of Olympic Games. After that, a revival came in gymnastics but with the different style and focusing on different areas and perspectives of body/muscular buildings like upper body strength, flexibility, poses, and equilibrium. In the same era, a new concept about gymnastics came in Greece that it is practiced to achieve a goal of right mind with a healthy body as the both are intimately connected.

Revival of Gymnastics

A person is known as “father of gymnastics” re-introduced gymnastics in German Education in the mid of 17th century(the 1800s). His name was Jahn Friedrich. He is also remembered for introducing different ways of performing gymnastics like horizontal bar, parallel bars, side horse with pommels, balance beams, ladder and vaulting bucks. Afterward, his programs related to gymnastics were promoted in different societies and clubs which were established to develop self-discipline and physical strength for the national unity.

As similar to Jahn, A Swedish-Pehr Henrik Ling, systematize the Swedish Pedagogic Gymnastics with an intense focus on the medical sides. By the time, American general education curriculum was made more focused on its relation to nationalism and military training. In short, it was re-emerged stronger than ever. In the early 1900s, the services of army started different drill manuals keeping in view, all the manners and techniques of gymnastics drills and practices.


Commonly, the physical and intellectual training are considered separately in schools. This method is mostly practiced in countries like Germany, where this concept is slowly followed. Gymnasia is used for the physical training of a child, and intellectual studies are kept stuck to the traditional classrooms.

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As a part of Olympics

The in years the 1800s(19th century) and 1900s(20th century), the powerful emergence of gymnastics came in the form of training for educational and military prospects. For the first time in 1896, the Modern Olympics included the competition of gymnastic events for men which were always the part of ancient Olympics.

Men’s Gymnastics Events

The events of gymnastics for men are scored on a solo performance or team basis. These performances include the floor exercise, horizontal bar, parallel bars, rings, side horse (pommel horse), vaulting and combined exercises. Their sum up score is based on all these events collectively.

Gymnastics Kids Moves

Women’s Gymnastics Events

Women’s events were first held in 1928 and 1952 Olympics. Their activities included balance beams, uneven parallel bars, combined exercises, floor exercises, vaulting and rhythmic sportive gymnastics.

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